White Paper ‘Cable Assembly Solutions’ for informed design decision-making

June 10, 2021 · 1 min read

Fischer Connectors’ expertise and know-how in designing high-performance cable assembly solutions for all types of industry, and especially for harsh-environment applications, are well known. David Cianciolo, Senior Project Manager at Fischer Connectors USA, explains in a new White Paper the benefits of cable assembly solutions and what engineers need to consider when working on their interconnect solution.

The document covers a wide range of topics, such as applications, connector types, termination methods, sealing requirements and other parts of the cable-design process.


Understanding the end-use application and its environment is crucial to the overall interconnect-solution design. You need to consider aspects like conductor size, material, configuration, the form factor of the connector, the cable configuration including jacket material, strength members and shielding. Termination options, and options like bend reliefs and sealing caps, also need to be considered.


Our White Paper guides you in selecting the most appropriate materials to ensure optimal performance. It explains the different material options that can affect the interconnect-solution design of a device and how to choose these materials.



  • The benefits of cable assembly solutions
  • Cable design considerations
    • Applications
    • Conductor size
    • Conductor materials
    • Flex life
    • Conductor construction
    • Strand construction
    • Plating options
    • Insulation materials
  • Shielding types
  • Fillers & tapes
  • Strength members
  • Connector types
  • Termination methods
  • Strain relief requirements
  • Sealing requirements

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More details in our white paper “Cable Assembly Solutions”

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