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When safety relies on technology

When a patient’s life is on the line, every second counts. To ensure the fast and easy activation of healthcare and medical assistance systems, connectivity technology has to be reliable and straightforward.

Devices also need to be sterilized and easy to handle, and robust enough to prevent aggressive medical cleaning agents from causing any damage.


Certified ISO 13485, Fischer Connectors offers a wide variety of reliable connectivity solutions – including miniature, sterilizable, reusable, disposable, hybrid connectors and silicone overmolded cables – which help you reduce risk, comply to FDA standards and develop safe, sleek devices that improve patient lives and outcomes.


Requirements & challenges

Patient safety
  • Unfailing performance with every use and over long periods
  • Secure and error-free connections with safe locking systems and color coding for easy identification
  • Reliable data transmission with EMI/RFI shielding
  • Corrosion proof and sterilizable (steam autoclave, chemicals, radiation)
  • Multipurpose connectivity with reusable, sterilizable, hybrid, or cost-effective disposable solutions
  • ISO 13485:2016 certified organization
Ease of use
  • Quick and safe connections with blind mating and easy handling even with gloves
  • Easy cleaning with watertight sealing
  • Minimum maintenance due to highly durable solutions
  • Space saving and enhanced portability and wearability with compact, small and lightweight designs
  • Cable management optimization, eliminating tangles and reducing snagging and clutter
  • Plug-and-use technology for fast equipment setup times

Typical applications



One of the lightest and most compact portable robotic supports in the world, TWIICE’s exoskeleton helps its users with paraplegia gain independence and mobility. The team of design engineers chose the Fischer Core Series AluLite™ and Fischer Freedom™ (plastic version) solutions for their reliability and robustness, compactness and ultra-lightness, as well as for their usability and integration capability.

Diagnostic imaging equipment

Dependable, high-speed connectivity solutions for accurate imaging and diagnostics in applications such as electroencephalography (EEG), MRI and CT scanners or medical ultrasound.

Interventional and surgical robotics

Durable connectivity solutions adapted to high-precision devices and equipment in robotic and dental surgery. Dental Moving has chosen Fischer Connectors for the development of the Easy Macro View endoscopic micro-camera.

Monitoring and therapeutic devices

Easy handling and cleaning, durability, space saving: the optimal connectivity for Getinge’s Cardiohelp heart-lung support system. Cardiohelp-i device, the red HLS Module Advanced and Getinge’s venous and arterial HLS Cannulae use Fischer Core Series Brass and Disposable solutions.

Our solutions

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