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Expertise, responsiveness, customization: from passive electronic circuit components and active modules, to IP switches and USB hub systems

Integrated electronic solutions to expand your application capabilities

Utilizing the latest in PCB design technologies and circuit simulation techniques, including the latest Allegro toolsets, our in-house electronic engineers can work with you to facilitate projects of any size, from small prototype concepts to complete ecosystems, at the best quality and standards required.


We offer dedicated, pioneering electronic development from initial evaluation and proof of concept, through design and industrial supply, to life cycle management:


  • Miniaturization of all elements of electronic design
  • Circuit schematic design and simulation
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout, population, build and certification
  • Production and delivery through life management
  • Ruggedization processes, including heat treatment hardening

Key benefits

  • Tailored approach based on customer specifications
  • High responsiveness and reduced time to market
  • Program management approach (connectors + cable assemblies + electronics + power supply)
  • Economy of scale and collaboration efficiency
  • Management of the entire chain of experts
  • Strong expertise in medical, defense, test & measurement, industrial automation connectivity
Fischer KEYSTONE™ Data & power hub
  • Multiport tactical hub 100W and USB 2.0
  • Power Management app – ATAK plug in
  • Customized cable assembly solutions
Fischer Rugged Flash Drives
  • Safe storage and secure access
  • High-speed USB 3.0
  • Different contact sizes and configurations
Fischer Adapter Modules
  • Tailored design
  • Voltage boost regulation, protocol conversion
  • USB/Ethernet conversion to RS422, USB line boosters
Fischer Unmanaged PoE+ Switch (240 W)
  • IP68 2m/48h fully rated sealed power supply
  • Extremely rugged housing
  • Full customization

Fischer KEYSTONE™ Data & power hub

The Fischer Keystone™ tactical hubenables soldiers to connect and power their body-worn devices easily and reliably, and to efficiently manage the flows of power and data from and to these devices through a single source.

Fischer KEYSTONE™ is a complete MIL-spec solution comprising three parts:

  • Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6, a 6-port tactical hub for data (USB 2.0 and SMBus) and power (100 W – 5 A max)
  • A power management app that can be seamlessly integrated as an ATAK plug-in
  • Customized cable assembly solutions with connectors designed to meet NATO STANAG 4695 standards and to be compatible with Nett Warrior components


Fischer UltiMate™ Rugged Flash Drive (left), Fischer MiniMax™ Rugged Flash Drive (middle), Fischer Freedom™ Rugged Flash Drive (right)

Fischer Rugged Flash Drives

Extremely robust and sealed memory stick, specially designed for safe storage and transportation of sensitive data in harsh and high-vibration environments. The unique connector interface, combined with durable encapsulation technique, guarantees secure access and data safety in case of loss or theft.

  • High-speed USB 3.0
  • Availability of USB 2.0
  • Flash memory up to 256 GB
  • Available in UltiMate, MiniMax
  • Custom configurations available

Suitable for use with ruggedized computers, motorsports, UAVs, dismounted soldier systems.


Fischer Adapter Modules

Miniaturized inline adapters to convert information sent by one data protocol to another by way of a dedicated PCB.

  • Tailored design based on specific protocol requirements
  • Voltage boost regulation, protocol conversion
  • USB/Ethernet conversion to RS422, USB line boosters
  • Single source supplier

Main applications include USB-Ethernet radios, computer peripherals, medical scanners.


Fischer Unmanaged PoE+ Switch (240 W)

Full gigabit Ethernet switch with 8 ports capable of providing up to 240 W of power to active PoE (802.3af) and PoE+ (802.3at) devices. Each port can supply simultaneously 30 W, extending your existing network capabilities and increasing the number of devices connected to your network while reducing cabling requirements and streamlining network system management. Designed to meet military requirements.

  • IP68 up to 2m/48h fully rated sealed power supply
  • Extremely rugged housing
  • Full customization (including colors)
  • Approved CE
  • Plug & play setup

Suitable for military applications, where the switch may be subject to shock, vibration or prolonged submersion.



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