Trend paper: Three emerging trends in electronics

July 26, 2022 · 2 min read

While the demand for data is increasing and the supply of electronics is drying up, we must find smarter ways to foster system interoperability and high-performance, reliable data transmission. Which current and future trends are worth looking out for?


In a world of ever-increasing global consumption fueled by the immense thirst for electronic technology and information transmission, we find ourselves in a critical situation with the world supply of electronic components drying up. Demand for electronic devices has risen sharply due to the Covid-19 outbreaks which forced the entire world to work in isolation, driving the unprecedent need for Integrated circuits (IC). Whilst development has been keeping pace during this crisis, we expect more from our devices!


In parallel to this, the concurrent rollout of 5G has been providing increased connectivity, enabling a new generation of users to access the Internet of Things (IoT) with enhanced capabilities. Cameras and optical systems have risen to unprecedented levels, with higher quality video – 4K and even 8K now being commonplace.


As the tension between demand and supply rises, the world of electronics keeps evolving and the impact of its evolution will need to be watched closely in this volatile context.


Let us focus on the nature of these changes – which current and future trends are worth looking out for? There are three emerging trends in electronics:


      1. Miniaturization
      2. New data transmission connection standards
      3. Ubiquitous IoT and 5G democratization

>> Check out the short news video below and learn more in the trend paper authored by Fischer Connectors Solutions Architects Stuart Doe and Marine Bouduban.

Trend paper in electronics
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