Custom connectors

At Fischer Connectors, we understand that every project is unique and requires personalized solutions.


We provide tailored assistance with data and power management, quality and safety standards, and technical requirements throughout your design project. You can rely on our customization capabilities to support your team and achieve your goals.


Our team of experts have a proven track record of creating customized connectors for even the most demanding applications, ranging from medical to military and nuclear. They assist you in identifying the ideal connectivity features for your device and system.

Tap into our cutting-edge connectivity technologies

To design your unique custom connector, you can tap into our cutting-edge technologies used for high-performance connectivity in extreme environments. Our expertise in sealing, high density, ruggedness and high-speed data transmission is renowned worldwide:

  • Built and assembled with robust materials and a rugged design to endure the toughest conditions: extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks, corrosion, chemicals, radiations


  • Waterproofness / IP68 sealing for underwater applications  – resin-sealed contact blocks, IP68-sealed even unmated, deeper than -20m/24h upon request


  • Hermeticity and IP69K sealing for gas tightness in vacuum applications or pressurized vessels


  • Miniaturization for portable, handheld or body-worn applications with optimal SWaP (size, weight and power) for reducing the overall dimensions and weight of your device while increasing its efficiency and lowering the overall footprint


  • Multiprotocol high-speed data transfer for data-heavy applications – 18 Gbit/s with HDMI 2.0, 10 Gbit/s with USB 3.2. Gen 2 and Ethernet, Single Pair Ethernet


  • Hybrid/mixed combination of power, data, fluidic and optical contacts into a single cable/connector

Our connectors are developped in compliance with industry standards such as MIL SPEC and IEC 60601-1 for Means of Patient Protection (MOPP) and Means of Operator Protection (MOOP).

Our dedicated team of engineers are available worldwide


We understand that customization is extremely important to our customers. That’s why we have a team of experienced local field-application engineers and solution architects who are dedicated to working with you to create the perfect solution for your needs. Our in-house team is made up of specialists in micro-mechanics, signal integrity, and electronics, and they will work closely with your technical team throughout the entire customization process.


Our experts will help you define and specify your requirements, upgrade product drawings, and provide prototypes in a timely manner for you to test according to your project design plans. We have rigorous simulation and validation processes in place, which include mechanical, electrical, and environmental testing, to ensure that your custom connector performs well and complies with industry norms or your specific technical and certification requirements.


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Customization through collaboration is in our DNA

Over the past 70 years, we’ve been a pioneer in combining value-added innovation with collaborative relationships to overcome any kind of connectivity obstacle. Our collaboration platform brings together technical teams from three R&D centers who use an efficient program-management approach.

Development process for custom connector solutions


Once we’ve received your concept request, Fischer Connectors will liaise with your team to design your solution following 5 steps.


Throughout the project, the challenge of our technical experts is to avoid costly, overdesigned solutions as well as unreliable, underdesigned ones that are not fit for your purpose.

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