Our heritage

From connectors to connectivity

Fischer Connectors began with an ambitious idea.

What started with our founder Walter Werner Fischer asking “What if?” became the world’s first high-quality sealed circular connector. Since then, our people have kept alive the founding spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence at the service of customers around the world. Over the past seven decades, we’ve evolved from a provider of connectors to a global technology group and partner in connectivity. As we look ahead, we will continue to evolve alongside our customers. But while our customers drive us, our history guides us. We draw inspiration from both our pioneering roots and our customers’ needs to co-create solutions that will shape the future.

The ’50s Entrepreneurial roots


Foundation of the company W. W. Fischer in Morges (Vaud, Switzerland) by Walter Werner Fischer, an expert in vacuum technology


Development of the first high-quality sealed connector, designed for use in industrial applications

The ’60s Early successes


Registration of the international patent for the push-pull locking system


Development of the world’s first hermetic connector with the Fischer Core Series Brass

The ‘70s Innovation at the heart of growth


Launch of ultra-resistant and sterilizable connectors with the Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel


Moving to a new manufacturing facility in Apples (Vaud, Switzerland) to meet growing customer demand

The ’80s Modern industrial processes


Start of international commercial activities with the establishment of the first subsidiary in the United Kingdom

The ’90s The era of global connectivity


Further international expansion of the group with the opening of subsidiaries in Europe (Germany in 1990, Italy in 1995, France in 1998) and the USA (1991)


Launch of easy-to-use and durable plastic connectors with the Fischer Core Series Plastic


Appointment of Peter Fischer, the founder’s son, to CEO, following his many-year managerial responsibility for the company’s commercial and industrial development


Start of the globalized provision of high-performance cable assembly solutions to serve local demand through various production sites around the world

The 2000s New geographical and technological horizons


Opening of a subsidiary in Hong Kong to meet global demand from the Asian market


Rebranding with the new company name ‘Fischer Connectors’


Launch of single-use plugs with the Fischer Core Series Disposable


Launch of ultralight connectors in aluminum with the Fischer Core Series AluLite™


Moving to the current global headquarters in Saint-Prex (Vaud, Switzerland) in an ultra-modern manufacturing facility

The 2010s Market-oriented innovation


Further technological innovations with the launches of new product lines based on the company’s key expertise in ultra-ruggedness (Fischer UltiMate™ Series in 2010), data transmission (Fischer Core Series Broadcast in 2010, Fischer FiberOptic Series in 2012) and miniaturization (Fischer MiniMax™ Series in 2012)


Expansion of the product portfolio with the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive for safe data storage in harsh environments


Opening of subsidiaries in India (2012) and Japan (2017) supporting the Asian market’s expansion


Appointment of Jonathan Brossard, third-generation member of the founding Fischer family, to Fischer Connectors Group CEO


Development of the plug & play connectivity technology with the launch of the low-profile Fischer Freedom™ Series, 360° easy-to-mate connectors and electronic devices (LEDs, USB 2.0 adapters and rugged flash drives) – winning multiple innovation awards

The 2020s What’s next in connectivity


Development of Wearin’s connected and wearable solution for real-time situational awareness


Standard-setting optimization of the ultra-rugged Fischer UltiMate™ Series to meet Nett Warrior standards with the NATO STANAG 4695 compatible Fischer UltiMate™ 80


Construction of a new production facility in Portugal to sustain the group’s growth with increased competitivity, responsiveness and capacity on a global scale


Unveiling of Wearin’s App and AI-driven Dashboard with bidirectional data flows for the development of modular and interconnected wearable ecosystems with cloud-based human digital twin platforms, environmental, gas and biometric sensors, and live-streaming cameras


The Fischer family founds Conextivity® Group to meet the connectivity challenge posed by the emergence of new cross-functional and scalable ecosystems, from locally interconnected devices and sensors to cloud-managed IoT platforms. The group comprises two brands: Fischer Connectors, which broadens its scope of activity to include electronics, and Wearin’, which expands its IoT solution and signs technology partnerships to improve the safety and efficiency of the connected human.


On June 1, Peter Fischer hands over to his daughter Sabrina Brossard the presidency of the Conextivity Group’s Board of Directors; with Jonathan Brossard as CEO since 2016, the third generation of the Fischer founding family thus takes the reins of the technology group whose two businesses, Fischer Connectors and Wearin’, are growing rapidly.

In November, Fischer Connectors wins the 2023 Vaud International Business Award (PVEI) in the Best Company category for its “strong local roots, longevity and expertise”.