Fischer FiberOptic Series

Take fiber optics onto the field without any compromise on sealing, cleaning and performances



With the worldwide demand for increased bandwidth, data speed and high-quality audio/video, the use of fiber optics has been growing exponentially – and so has design engineers’ need for reliable optical connectivity solutions. And when the latter combine performance and quality with robustness and usability, they enable engineers to design devices that can be used in all sorts of indoor and outdoor environments. The Fischer FiberOptic Series offers robust and faultless optical performances in any conditions. Combined with easy use, cleaning and maintenance.

Key features

Best performances
  • Butt-joint for high optical performances
  • 8° APC polishing to reduce return loss
  • IP68 sealing to 2m/24h mated (IP67 unmated)
  • Gas-tight panel receptacles (<10-6 mbar l/s)
  • High corrosion resistance (up to 1,000 hours of salt mist)
  • Operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Convenient cleaning in the field
Optimized designs
  • Single-mode and multimode versions
  • UPC and APC polishing
  • 1 to 4 optical channels
  • Hybrid versions
  • Push-pull locking with ‘click’ proof

Best optical performances

  • Butt-joint optical contacts for high optical performances (0.2 dB/connection) with optimal design enabling precise lateral alignment and reduced insertion loss
  • Available in single mode for long-distance applications (around 120 km) and in multimode for short-distance runs (3-5 km)
  • Multi-mode with UPC polishing (Ultra Physical Contact)
  • Single mode with UPC and 8° APC polishing (Angled Physical Contact) for ultra-low back reflection optimizing return loss

Robust and sealed

  • Tested for harsh and extreme environments (Norm IEC 61753-1 Cat. E)
  • Unbreakable by hand
  • Sealing up to IP68 mated (IP67 unmated) -2m/24h (Norm IEC 60529)
  • Available with gas-tight panel receptacles (<10-6 mbar l/s)
  • Corrosion resistance 1,000 hours of salt mist (Brass Ni-Cr plated)
  • Operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C

Easy to connect & clean

  • Ergonomic and user-friendly push-pull design with easy ball-locking mating with ‘click’ proof
  • Easy field cleaning with water (monoblock removable sleeve holder)
  • Easy maintenance and replacement

Product range

Fischer FiberOptic Series

The FiberOptic range features a wide choice of body styles to fulfill all your integration needs. Pre-cabled solutions provide maximum performance and time saving.


The single fiber optic connector (FO1) is a miniature, rugged connectivity solution especially designed to meet the growing market need for higher data transmission rates over long distance, while reducing space and guaranteeing performance. For example, it can be integrated into custom assemblies for instrumentation and sensing applications.

  • Available with one (FO1), two (FO2) or four (FO4) optical channels
  • Multimode with UPC polishing (Ultra Physical Contact)
  • Single mode with either UPC or 8° APC polishing (Angled Physical Contact)

Fischer FiberOptic Hybrid

The FiberOptic hybrid connector with two optical channels and two electrical contacts is perfectly suitable for demanding applications where space saving is essential.

  • Available with four channels (FO4): 2 optical channels and 2 electrical channels
  • Multimode with UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
  • Single mode with either UPC polishing (Ultra Physical Contact) or 8° APC polishing (Angled Physical Contact)
  • Electrical contacts: current 10 [A] (IEC 60512-5-2-5b) and rated voltage 400 [V] r.m.s. (EIA-364-20-B)

Tools & accessories

Discover a wide range of accessories and tools extending the fiber optic connectors functionalities and facilitating installation and maintenance.

Optical termini

Potting set

Pre-configured fiber optic reels

Cable clamp set

Soft caps

Daisy chaining


Color coding silicone ring

Spanner and nut driver

Sleeves holder and mate adapter

Panel seal

Telecom mate adapter

Wedge clamp jaws

Cleaning kit

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