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Oil & gas

Designed for the toughest conditions

High-reliability interconnect solutions are a must in the oil and gas industry where fast, dependable operations can increase efficiencies and help prevent costly downtime or accidents.

Connectivity solutions must withstand extreme temperatures, vibration and shock in the toughest conditions and perform on land or offshore with drilling instruments, seismic evaluation or geophysical and infrastructure maintenance devices.


We bring our expertise in ruggedness and sealing to all of our solutions, offering a wide range of products to provide signal and power for oil and gas operations, monitoring and communications, including coax, triax and hybrid configurations. Hybrid fiber optic options are also available for use in spark-free, safer media that need to transfer both power and massive amounts of data through one single connector and cable.


Requirements & challenges

Durability to optimize productivity and reduce downtime of operations
  • Heavy outdoor use
  • Mechanical endurance up to 10,000 mating cycles
  • High corrosion resistance up to 1’000 hours of salt mist
  • Superior IP68 sealing (even unmated) as standard, operating depth up to -20m/24h
  • Resisting extreme temperatures, shock (up to 300 g amplitude), vibration (up to 37.80 Grms)
  • Best optical performance with low insertion loss
  • Exceeding IEC 61753-1 Category E – Extreme environment
Operator safety
  • Widely used in ATEX-certified applications
  • Easy to handle with personal protective equipment
  • Safe blind mating
  • User-friendly push-pull mating
  • Optional safety lockings
  • Remote operating and mating mechanisms

Typical applications


Onshore and offshore drilling equipment

Drillmec, a global contractor for onshore and offshore drilling and work over rigs, trusts the Fischer FiberOptic Series for wiring the connection pantograph between control room and drill floor. Its low insertion loss enables the use of lower-level light sources to meet ATEX restrictions in terms of maximum allowed power.


Remote sensing instruments

In oil drilling monitoring applications, sensing instrumentation allows for real-time information about the geological properties being drilled due to the sound that is produced. The oil & gas industry also uses light waveguide interactions as a sensing device, allowing for easier structural, temperature and acoustic monitoring for drilling extraction and carrying activities. The Fischer FiberOptic Series can be used in downhole, pipeline monitoring, fracking, surface communications, etc.


Oil/gas meter readers

With its superior sealing and resistance to shock, corrosion and extreme temperatures, the Fischer Core Series is ideally suited for oil/gas meter readers requiring high precision and accuracy even in harsh environments.

Our solutions

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