Defense & security

Solutions and skills to meet the Connectivity Challenge

Defense and security providers confront the Connectivity Challenge – customer demands for more data, higher speeds, greater power and more portability in harsh environments.

The digital revolution and the rise of ubiquitous sensors, high-speed networks and artificial intelligence demand new ways of thinking, equipping and operating security forces.


Fischer Connectors brings the solutions and skills to solve this challenge. Combining decades of expertise in physical data and power connectors with advanced microelectronic design and fabrication skills, we deliver reliable connectivity with solid Swiss-engineered solutions.


Requirements & challenges

Demands for new levels of defense and security connectivity
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • National soldier modernization programs
  • Joint, interagency and combined operations
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) programs
  • Cyber-related operations
Evolving technology requiring more data and power connectivity
  • Ubiquitous, persistent sensors
  • High-speed, high-bandwidth tactical networks
  • Accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications
  • Complex security protocols and standards
  • Advanced power supplies
  • Soldier-worn optics

Typical applications


Digital tactical radio systems

Fischer Connectors solutions are essential for data and power connections in widely used digital tactical radio systems.


Next-generation tactical hubs

Soldier connectivity is the centrepiece of army modernization strategies, and the next-generation hub is the heart of the individual soldier’s wearable connectivity solution. Fischer Connectors responds to this challenge by developing a tactical hub, integrating the power and data flows from multiple digital devices – sights, radios, displays and batteries – in a lightweight ergonomic component.


Discover Fischer KEYSTONE™


Field Ethernet routers and switches

Fischer Connectors solutions ensure that military-grade Ethernet routers and switches deliver reliable data connections in the most challenging environments.

Our solutions

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