Marine & underwater

Unfailing connections – even deep underwater

Dependable, high-performance equipment is of the essence for the extreme applications used in yacht racing and under water, such as multi-axis controllers, lighting, 4K cameras, inertial platforms, electrical motors and sensors. Interconnect solutions must be accordingly reliable and performing.

To enable power and high-speed data transmission though fiber optic sensors or small unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) diving deep in icy seawater, connectors and associated cables must be extremely robust and easy to plug and use.


Our range of ultra-reliable connectivity solutions are ideal for marine and underwater conditions, offering resistance to extreme pressures and corrosion, water ingress protection at an operational depth up to -20m/24h, full EMC shielding, up to 10,000 mating cycles, as well as fast, easy and secure connections.




Requirements & challenges

Efficient data transmission
  • High-speed data transmission and multi-protocol management
  • Signal integrity with 360° EMC shielding and non-magnetic locking mechanism
  • Real-time HD video with best optical performance and robustness
  • Plug & play technology for fast equipment setup and easy, secure power & data transmission
Compact and ultra-rugged solutions
  • Extreme sealing ratings and hermeticity for water ingress protection and pressure resistance
  • Operating depth up to -20m/24h, tested to 60 bar (870 PSI)
  • Corrosion resistance ideal for salt & marine environments
  • Securely locked connections and mechanical endurance with up to 10,000 mating cycles
  • Space-saving solutions minimizing equipment size and weight
  • Tailored options for tethered or untethered UUVs

Typical applications


Unmanned underwater vehicles

Autonomous underwater vehicles require rugged, reliable connectivity with secure locking, enabling multiprotocol data transmission in deep-sea conditions down to 300 m (1000 ft) to send data from sonar, sensor and HD video back to surface.


Yacht racing

Fischer Connectors is proud to be an official supplier and the exclusive connectivity sponsor for connectors and connectivity solutions for the American Magic AC75 high-performance monohull. The racing yacht’s “technical solutions are built in-house by American Magic’s engineering team, and Fischer Connectors is instrumental in many areas”, said Terry Hutchinson, Skipper and Executive Director of the American Magic, a challenger for the 36th America’s Cup. “Through quality, reliability and innovation, Fischer Connectors makes our lives easier and our boats faster.”


Underwater scientific instrumentation

Inspection tasks performed underwater through small tethered or untethered unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) require reliable and compact connectivity solutions enabling tight connector alignments. Diver-held devices such as dive computers, diving GPS, ultrasonic thickness gauges and photo & video systems for scientific exploration integrate lightweight connectors and cables allowing for fast & secure connections and easy mating.

Our solutions

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