A UUV takes IP68-sealed Fischer FiberOptic down to 300 m

June 18, 2020 · 2 min read

The Fischer FiberOptic Series FO1 single-fiber connector is currently rated IP68 for 2m/24h. That’s what’s in the literature. But upon inspection, the Strategic Robotics Systems (SRS) team believed it could do better for their revolutionary FUSION unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) operating 300 m deep below the surface. They were proven right.


The engineering team had already specified the single-fiber FO1 of the Fischer FiberOptic Series for the topside devices. There were receptacles on the consoles that transferred data into a network.

The topside devices needed to stand up to weather and rough handling for military personnel, and the Fischer Connectors’ products fit the bill. Since they’d already selected Fischer Connectors for the topside, and had a relationship with the Fischer Connectors team, they started looking at it for subsea as well.


Jesse Rodocker, President of Strategic Robotic Systems, says that after seeing the connector on the top side, he believed it would work below the water, even though it wasn’t officially specified to go as deep as they needed it. “Typical subsea components were very, very expensive. They were big, they were heavy, and they weren’t easy to use. We needed something that was smaller, easier to install, easier to use, yet was robust and reliable that would still stand up to the job.”


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More details in our case study “A UUV takes IP68-sealed Fischer FiberOptic down to 300 m”

Fiberoptic circular connectors from Fischer Connectors

The unique orange fiber optic cable is terminated with a Fischer FiberOptic FO1 connector on both the topside and subsea ends, allowing for fast data transfer HD video and other data in real time.

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