Test & measurement

Security, reliability and durability for high-precision data

Highly reliable and accurate connectivity solutions are essential to inspecting, measuring and testing critical industrial components and assets. The aim is to deliver conclusive results whether detecting flaws, measuring material thickness or inspecting stress corrosion cracking.

Test and measurement instruments used outdoors also need to withstand aggressors such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks, abrasion, and wet or muddy conditions.


Especially designed for harsh environments, our high-precision connectivity solutions safeguard the results of your device, instrument or sensor – while extending its life. Our extensive range of connectors, cable assemblies and electronic solutions guarantee signal integrity for the continuous and seamless high-performance transfer of your measurement data.

Requirements & challenges

Constant connection for data transfer, even in harsh environments
  • Signal integrity with 360° EMC shielding and non-magnetic locking mechanism
  • Mechanical endurance with up to 10,000 mating cycles
  • Resistance to wear, rough use, shock, vibration and corrosion
  • Secure locking and keying design (push-pull, breakaway, twist, screw)
  • Waterproof sealing in both mated and unmated states, hermeticity
Ease of use
  • Fast and safe connections with error-proof blind mating
  • Easy handling even with gloves
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning with IP68 sealing
  • Enhanced portability and wearability for personal protective equipment
  • Plug & play setup with 360° mating freedom and optimized cable management

Typical applications


Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment

Our corrosion-proof connectors and cable assembly solutions ensure long-term measurement accuracy for inspection tools used to determine specific material characteristics without damaging these same materials during the testing process.


Infrasound sensors

Seismo Wave, a leader in infrasound sensors, uses Fischer Core Brass connectors on micro-barometers tracking eruptive activities.


Pile testing systems

Piletest, a leader in rugged instrumentation applications, features the plug & play Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector in its Pile Echo Tester instrument that tests the integrity of piles used in building foundations.


Inline measuring sensors

ME-Meßsysteme GmbH relies on the compact, robust Fischer MiniMax™ connectors for sensors monitoring forces and torques acting on machines and systems, guaranteeing a reliable data transmission even when there are vibrations.

Our solutions

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