Fluidic as well – and rugged as ever

March 29, 2023 · 2 min read

Fischer Connectors’ high-performance solutions move not only data, signals and power, but also fluids. They are called hybrid when they combine, within a single cable/connector, a fluidic insert from 1.4 mm to 4 mm Ø to transmit gas, air or liquids with electrical contacts to transmit power. They offer the versatile and rugged features of the Fischer Core Series in which they have been developed.


Applications featuring fluidic connectivity can be found in the medical and instrumentation industry, which require multi-tasking connections with a combination of durability, high precision and resistance to demanding environmental and mechanical conditions.


When operators of medical devices have one or more channels to connect, fluidic and hybrid connectivity solutions increase the confidence, comfort and convenience of their daily experience. Especially for handpieces requiring complex combination of power, signal and compressed air, hybrid connectors facilitate device installation while limiting the number of connections and operations.


Equipment size is also reduced, thanks to hybrid configurations of two or three types of channels integrated within one single, small, multi-tasking cable/connector, e.g., for pneumatic instruments with compressed air supply for puncturing, drilling, sawing, shockwave, etc., in surgery, dentistry and therapeutic systems. Connectors with fluids like water are also ideal for cooling down systems, in medical and other instrumentation applications.


High reliability is another key requirement. The long-lasting lifecycle of medical devices, for example, implies high number of mating cycles. Shock and vibration resistance is a must to withstand impacts created by compressed air and mechanical power, and devices used in hospital settings must be sterilizable with autoclave.

For test and measurement applications, hybrid connectors with gas or liquid and low-voltage connections offer a flexible solution, enabling effective and precise testing and monitoring. An example is the helium and hydrogen sniffer leak detector from Pfeiffer Vacuum (photo). In industrial applications like refrigeration, air conditioning and e-mobility, it stands for high sensitivity (10-7 mbar l/s), accuracy and repeatability. It features two Fischer Core hybrid connectors with 8 electrical contacts and 1 fluidic tube resisting high mating cycles.

Pfeiffer Vacuum sniffer leak detector
(Photo with Pfeiffer Vacuum’s kind support)
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The versatile Fischer Core Series in brass offers fluidic connectors in different sizes and hybrid configurations.

The standard fluidic connectivity solutions from the Fischer Core Series allow for air compression up to 7 bars, are sterilizable up to 500 autoclave cycles, withstand up to 10,000 mating cycles, resist high shock and vibration, and their robust key mechanism ensures safe and secure connections.

As for the Fischer Core fluidic connector in ‘size 104’ (19 mm Ø receptacle), it allows for high data speeds. Its hybrid configuration of 1 fluidic insert and 8 electrical contacts is compliant with Ethernet 5 Gbit/s data per Ethernet 5GBASE-T, IEEE standard 802.3bz-2016.


Discover our versatile range of fluidic connectors: Fluidic Connectivity Solutions

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