Electronica 2022: Fischer Connectors showcases solutions for the entire connectivity spectrum

November 15, 2022 · 3 min read

During the world’s leading trade fair Electronica taking place in Munich from 15 to 18 November, the connectivity experts from Fischer Connectors, part of the Conextivity Group, showcase their extensive portfolio of components, systems, applications and services in demanding environments. The focus is on current and future challenges in the electronics industry, and how Fischer Connectors can help overcome them in the field of connectivity. Particular focus is placed on high-speed data transmission with high performance and wearability in harsh operating conditions.


From components to systems, applications and services, the world’s leading trade fair Electronica covers the entire electronics spectrum. In all these fields, Fischer Connectors has become known over the years as an innovative partner – since this year as part of Conextivity Group. Conextivity Group was founded by Fischer Connectors’ owners with the aim of bundling synergies among the company’s divisions and thereby offering the industry an even broader portfolio of solutions and services. In Hall B2 on Stand 119, under the motto “from connectors to connectivity”, visitors at Electronica can learn everything about current trends and challenges in the industry and how Fischer Connectors help overcome them.

The connectivity challenge


In the modern world of work and production, the number of networked devices and machines continues to rise. Growing volumes of data not only need to be transmitted reliably and securely, but also processed. The bandwidths and transmission speeds required for this are already many times greater than would have been sufficient just a few years ago. At the same time, the trend towards miniaturization continues. This means that ever greater bandwidths and speeds are required in ever smaller installation spaces. Moreover, the number of different transmission protocols, which are not necessarily compatible with each other, is growing.

Fischer Connectors' solutions

Covering the entire value chain from connectors to connectivity: connectors, cable assemblies and integrated electronics.

To meet these challenges in the electronics industry even more effectively, the know-how of Fischer Connectors and its sister brand Wearin’ have been bundled into Conextivity Group. On its stand at Electronica, experts showcase the Conextivity Group’s wide range of solutions and services, covering the entire value chain from connectors to connectivity.


Jérôme Dabonneville, CTO at Conextivity Group, says: “Designers of electronic devices and ecosystems in industries such as medical, military and security, test and measurement, or industrial automation, face significant connectivity challenges. Ever more data, higher speeds, more power and more portability and wearability under harsh operating conditions are called for.” Jonathan Brossard, CEO at Conextivity Group, adds: “The digital revolution and the advent of ubiquitous sensors, high-speed networks and artificial intelligence mean that we need new ways of understanding and designing connectivity solutions.”


All from a single source


The starting point for effective data transmission can be found directly on the machine: the connector. Fischer Connectors presents its broad portfolio of connectors of all sizes and shapes at Electronica. Even in the smallest installation space, the connectors from Fischer Connectors transmit data reliably at high speeds. The connectors function reliably even when used on machines with strong vibrations and in harsh environments.


However, it is not enough for the connectors to be able to transmit large amounts of data at high speeds. The cables also have to be configured properly. That is why Fischer Connectors offers a broad portfolio of consulting and development services in application-specific cable assembly. For example, Fischer Connectors is very involved in researching and promoting the Single Pair Ethernet technology of the future. To ensure that large amounts of data can be processed and stored, and the various protocols be interoperable, Fischer also offers a broad portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet switches, USB/Ethernet adapter modules and rugged flash drives.

Fischer Connectors has summarized and analyzed electronics trends and challenges in a trend paper available here >> Emerging trends in electronics: miniaturization, new data transmission connectivity standards, ubiquitous IoT and 5G democratization

Emerging trends in Electronics - Trend paper

‘Are your thirsty for technologies?’ On their exhibition stand at Electronica, the experts of Fischer Connectors and Wearin’ welcome visitors with Pepper.

Fischer Connectors and Wearin' with Pepper

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