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Power, signal, and high-speed data are essential to the nervous system of modern electronics, and secure interconnect solutions are critical to the reliability and integrity of the transmission.


Specify with our experts the ultra-reliable connectivity solutions and technologies you need in order to meet the quality and performance requirements of your unique application and operational environment.


Our technology platform is modular and versatile. Our engineering expertise, technology bricks and production processes enable the design, testing and seamless integration of end-to-end interconnect solutions for applications requiring faultless precision, durability and resistance to demanding conditions.


Designed, engineered and tested in compliance with the highest reliability and quality standards in the industry.



Make your application function properly, reliably and durably under stress, in industrial and severe conditions involving shocks, vibrations, temperature extremes, radiations, chemicals, and sterilization and cleaning processes.



Environmental and hermetic sealing: protect your device for efficient, reliable and durable operations in any environment involving water, dirt or dust – weathering, underwater, vacuum, high pressure.



To meet the ever-increasing need for data capture in ever-smaller devices, we are reimagining connectivity with lighter, more capable, ultra-miniature solutions, while maximizing both ergonomics and robustness.


Data transmission

The hunt for faster data transmission without interference continues to drive innovation in connectors, traditional copper cabling, and fiber optics.

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