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Real-time information with reliable connectivity

The latest high-speed connectivity technologies provide racing teams with unprecedented levels of real-time data, from engine temperatures to the grip of tires. Around 2,000 key performance indicators (KPIs) are collected from sensors, requiring reliable, high-bandwith technologies for live decision making.

Our range of innovative, lightweight, ultra-robust connectivity solutions provide increased density and high-speed data transmission compatible with the latest data protocols. Engineered to prevent water and dust ingress and resist high temperatures, vibration, shock and corrosion, our high-performance solutions are suited to all motorsport series including F1, WRC, Formula E and Green GT.


We provide technical racing teams with solutions tailored to support the development of their own specific systems.


Requirements & challenges

Accuracy of real-time information
  • Unfailing connectivity under vibration, shock and extreme temperature conditions
  • Full protection from dust and water ingress up to IP69 sealing
  • Data reliability, precision and performance with system-level signal integrity engineering
  • Multi-protocol data management including USB 3.0
Weight optimization
  • 75% weight saving and 45% space saving through ultra-miniature solutions with high pin density
  • Volume and weight optimization with compact, low-profile designs and reduced diameters
  • Advanced power supplies

Typical applications


Flash drive data loggers

Fischer Rugged Flash Drives are used in championships such as the Ferrari Challenge as an extremely compact and ultra-robust data logger in alternative to telemetry.


Smart antennas

Used in FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and Formula E World Championship, the device is mounted on behind the pedals to transmit, via radio, detailed information to the box in case of crash events, including pilots’ biometric data. This device is rugged enough to resist extremely violent shock so that it can work after an accident.


Video modules

High-density connectors are required to manage cameras with different typologies of communication buses such as 3G-SDI and FPD links.


Steering wheels

Steering wheel disengagement devices use quick-release and easy-to-mate connectors for frequent disconnections in space-constrained, difficult-to-reach areas.



The ubiquitous, multi-source sensing systems used in motorsports feature compact and lightweight plug & play interconnect solutions which offer reliable data transmission performance in small-footprint and high-vibration environments.

Our solutions

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