Extreme sealing for maximum reliability & minimum risk

September 24, 2020 · 1 min read

When designing your equipment, choosing the right connectivity solutions with the right type of sealing early in the process is critical for the commercial success and durability of your product. So make informed decisions during your connectivity design project: guaranteeing extreme sealing allows you to maximize reliability and reduce risks.


Sealing is a complex science, involving physical aspects such as mechanical design, materials & surface science and fluid behavior.

There are three main sealing levels and solutions:


  • Environmental sealing, for equipment used outdoors and exposed to rain, dust or other aggressors for a limited time and limited pressure
  • Hermetic sealing, for vacuum applications, pressurized vessels or equipment used underwater, exposed for a longer time
  • High pressure sealing, for applications exposed to high pressure for extended periods

Application examples


Most instrumentation applications, which depend on data reliability, require rugged connectors sealed to IP68/IP69 to protect devices from environmental interference, or hermetic vacuum and pressurized equipment to prevent gas leaks. As for underwater applications, they may involve immersion over long periods and thus require IP68 waterproof sealing.

As oil & gas applications are exposed to high pressures, shock and vibration, their sealing needs must be combined with high-strength mechanical design to guarantee safe and efficient operations.

Worldwide reputation: Fischer Connectors’ sealing technology & know-how


Not all IP68 ratings are created equal. Fischer Connectors have some of the toughest IP68 rated connectors in the industry, tested up to 20 meters for 24 hours and beyond upon custom request.


Fischer Connectors keeps innovating in tested ultra-sealed connectivity solutions, increasing our track-record of customers who, for more 60 years, have chosen us for our proven reputation in watertight and hermetic, standard & custom solutions.


Conducting risk analyses against the strictest standards, our R&D department helps you carefully select solutions with the appropriate level of sealing to match the specific influences and conditions in which your device will operate.


>> More information on our sealed connectivity solutions with two white papers (environmentally / hermetically sealed connectors)

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