7 FAQs about designing devices and ecosystems for reliability and durability in extreme environments

In today’s hyperconnected world, reliable connectivity is crucial to ensuring that devices and electronics ecosystems work properly in all conditions. Fischer Connectors’ article published in Connector Supplier’s ‘High-Reliability, Harsh-Environment Connectivity’ eBook provides critical insights into when to use and how to select truly reliable and rugged connectivity solutions and explores design best practices through seven … Continued

Single Pair Ethernet: smaller, lighter, more affordable Ethernet up to 1 Gbit/s

The Ethernet has spread in many sectors, including defense, industrial automation, transportation, smart cities and defense that require the use of networked devices.   More recently, in the automotive industry and in industrial automation (linked to Industry 4.0), connectivity challenges have arisen due to the increase in sensor density, actuators and controllers: long cabling distances … Continued

Stable data transmission even with vibrations

The forces and torques acting on machines and systems, especially on the axes, need to be monitored constantly. One proven methodology for obtaining reliable results is strain gauge technology. However, since the sensors are very small, the connection technology also has to be suitably minimized. At the same time, data transmission must remain stable even … Continued

Fischer Connectors and TraceParts support engineers and designers with their connectivity needs throughout the product lifecycle

From brainstorming and pre-design studies through to deployment, customer needs are firmly at the top of the Fischer Connectors priority list.   For nine years, connectivity expert Fischer Connectors has been placing its trust in TraceParts, a world leading supplier of digital content for industrial designers, for publishing its CAD models. Fischer Connectors designs, manufactures … Continued

Maximize the speed and reliability of your data

“Data reliability and data speed are the two most important qualities my customers look for in the vital world of ruggedized connectors”, says David Ptacek, Director of Sales for Fischer Connectors in the Americas.   With the stunning growth of connected devices worldwide, there’s increasing demand for greater capacity to send and receive information and … Continued

Predictive maintenance for railways

To enable brake shoes to be optically inspected on an automatic basis, Danish State Railways have installed high-performance scanning systems made by the German company ITTH GmbH & Co. KG. KG in the track bed at stations in Odense and Kolding. These take photos of the brake shoes on the trains as they pass through, … Continued

High-performance cable assembly solutions for any application

Complete solutions. Engineering support. Rapid delivery.   Fischer Connectors’ engineering and manufacturing expertise brings you the most modern ISO-certified cable assembly facilities in EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific, delivering reliable connectivity solutions. Streamline your supply chain while realizing significant time and cost savings with our skilled technical and support teams. Rely on our in-house expertise … Continued

Waterproof and hermetic connectors for test and measurement applications

When design engineers need lightweight, high-density circular connectors for their harsh-environment test and measurement applications, Fischer Connectors’ solutions come handy with features like: -55 °C to +150 °C, salt-spray tests +1000 h, submersible up to 120 m – and more!   Our connectors and cable solutions guarantee you a constant, easy and secure connection. Your … Continued

Robust connectivity for VRaktion’s smart shoes

VRaktion’s smart work shoes have laser sensors at the front and back that send the wearer a warning on his or her smartphone or smartwatch via Bluetooth if they approach an obstacle. The technology in the shoe is powered by a high-performance battery. Connectors from the Fischer Freedom™ Series are used to recharge it.   … Continued

Extreme temperatures: getting connectivity right in any environment

How can you choose the right connectors to operate reliably in extreme cold or extreme heat? Fischer Connectors’ standard and customized connectivity solutions are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so won’t let your equipment down.   Connectors are crucial components that often get overlooked when designing devices for applications subject to extreme temperatures. They … Continued