Reliability and durability specifics for rugged connectivity: four types of resistance

To function both properly and durably, heavy-use and safety-critical applications and their interconnect system must be especially designed to withstand mechanical stress and environmental conditions without degrading power, signal, or data transmission.   Ruggedization methods and processes apply to the entire design, engineering, and manufacturing cycle in the creation of high-performance connectivity solutions. From choosing … Continued

Conference: YellowScan anounces the addition of Fischer Connectors as one of its sponsors for LiDAR for Drone 2022

YellowScan, a global leader and designer of next generation manned and unmanned LiDAR solutions, announces the addition of Fischer Connectors to its list of sponsors for YellowScan’s Global Community conference LiDAR for Drone 2022 (June 13-14, Montpellier, France).   Fischer Connectors has been one of YellowScan’s legacy connectivity partners, dating back to the first LiDAR … Continued

White paper: Signal Integrity for High-Speed Data Transmission, Challenges and Solutions

Requirements for high-speed data transmission, the need for ever greater bandwidth and drastically increasing design complexity present new challenges to design engineers. Fischer Connectors’ white paper entitled "Signal Integrity for High-Speed Data Transmission, Challenges and Solutions" aims to help engineers optimize their products. It explains high-speed data transmission protocols, where problems may arise, and how … Continued

Connectivity in industry: from requirement fulfiller to design enabler

In all branches of industry, efficient operations stand or fall by the quality of their connection technology. After all, the basic requirement for smooth processes is that data is exchanged reliably between machines. However, since the sensors used for this purpose are becoming ever smaller, connection technology also has to be suitably miniaturized – and … Continued

Harsh-environment connectivity solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The drone market is evolving rapidly and becoming more and more demanding in terms of high-performance and rugged connectors and cable assemblies able to resist the harsh-environment conditions UAVs operate in.   Smaller, lighter and secure: these are the keywords in robotics and unmanned applications such as UAVs, relying on connectivity solutions that combine miniaturization with … Continued

Better connections for better decisions

Fischer Connectors’ Defence Solutions Help Connected Soldiers Make Better Decisions Faster   Soldier modernisation programs take on new urgency as funding priorities shift and operational demands increase. Fischer Connectors is laser-focused on the challenges posed by resource constraints and changing operational environments. Its defense connectivity solutions offer new capabilities and innovative, economical approaches to help … Continued

Selecting connectivity solutions for high-precision test and measurement applications – 3 cases

Precision instrumentation depends on the accuracy, security, and reliability of its connectivity, yet connectors are often the weakest link. Find out what matters most when selecting connectivity solutions to enhance performance and usability in demanding test and measurement applications.   Instrumentation designers and end users are constantly seeking better performance, greater reliability, faster data transfer … Continued

Improving situational awareness, safety and productivity through connected wearable IIoT ecosystems

Connected wearable technology and sensors integrated into day-to-day equipment help improve workers’ situational awareness, mobility and communications. Moreover, AI-driven and smart real-time data capture and analysis can help organizations make proactive improvements, avoiding risks before they occur. In the IoT Magazine 2021 Edition from Electronics Update, Wearin’s Technical Director Alvaro Goncalves an insight into how … Continued

Fischer Connectors joins the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance to advance the development of the SPE technology across further demanding application fields

Fischer Connectors has joined the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance to bring its leading expertise in high-reliability, rugged and sealed connectivity solutions to the technology companies that form this alliance founded in April 2020.   The SPE System Alliance is an open platform for companies from various industries and fields of application that want to … Continued