Robust connectivity for VRaktion’s smart shoes

VRaktion’s smart work shoes have laser sensors at the front and back that send the wearer a warning on his or her smartphone or smartwatch via Bluetooth if they approach an obstacle. The technology in the shoe is powered by a high-performance battery. Connectors from the Fischer Freedom™ Series are used to recharge it.   … Continued

Extreme temperatures: getting connectivity right in any environment

How can you choose the right connectors to operate reliably in extreme cold or extreme heat? Fischer Connectors’ standard and customized connectivity solutions are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so won’t let your equipment down.   Connectors are crucial components that often get overlooked when designing devices for applications subject to extreme temperatures. They … Continued

Unity in diversity

In the September issue of the ‘International Design Engineer’ magazine (, Jérôme Dabonneville, CTO at Fischer Connectors, shares his insights on the growing demands on connectivity solutions for robotic applications – which are extremely diverse.   Regardless of the specific application, the goal is to make the components for robotic and automation solutions as durable, … Continued

Extreme sealing for maximum reliability & minimum risk

When designing your equipment, choosing the right connectivity solutions with the right type of sealing early in the process is critical for the commercial success and durability of your product. So make informed decisions during your connectivity design project: guaranteeing extreme sealing allows you to maximize reliability and reduce risks.   Sealing is a complex … Continued

Smaller & smarter: reduce size & weight, increase functionality

he need for lighter and smaller devices, which still guarantee optimal performance and reliability, keeps pushing innovation forward in connectivity solutions.   Our rugged circulars connectors and cable assembly solutions enable you to:   Pack more functionality in your devices, making them smarter Improve usability & portability, making them lighter Save time & money, making … Continued

Reliability is essential in emergencies

Getinge's mobile heart-lung support system, Cardiohelp, uses Fischer Core Series connectors to guarantee optimal connectivity. In many rescue operations, every second counts when it comes to saving a patient's life. To ensure the system can be activated quickly and easily, the technology has to be reliable and straightforward. Moreover, the components need to be easy … Continued

Sterilization matters

A “sterile” hospital environment is taken for granted, but the processes and policies behind how all hospital items are sterilized is the result of a specific global set of standards.   Sterilization is achieved by exposing all hospital instruments and all equipment in the hospital rooms – from beds to connectors – to steam saturated … Continued

Three things to consider when you have a need for data speed

With the rise of Industry 4.0, wearables, and new technologies in the defense and medical industries, today’s engineers are not only challenged to get all the necessary data transferred, but to figure out how fast we can get the massive amounts of data to move as well. Wired connections still transport more data faster than … Continued

All-purpose, non-magnetic, rugged: the ideal solution for SENSYS magnetometers

For their magnetometers, the design engineers of SENSYS Magnetometers & Survey Solutions were looking for an ultra-rugged connector suitable for continuous field use – and without the limitations of a military-standard connector (MIL).   They came across the first product in the innovative Fischer Freedom™ Series with "plug-and-use" technology, the Fischer LP360™ connector. The specific … Continued