7 FAQs about designing devices and ecosystems for reliability and durability in extreme environments

April 1, 2021 · 1 min read

In today’s hyperconnected world, reliable connectivity is crucial to ensuring that devices and electronics ecosystems work properly in all conditions. Fischer Connectors’ article published in Connector Supplier’s ‘High-Reliability, Harsh-Environment Connectivity’ eBook provides critical insights into when to use and how to select truly reliable and rugged connectivity solutions and explores design best practices through seven frequently asked questions and three harsh environment application examples in the medical, energy and extreme sports sectors.

Connectors and cables may be small but they are essential components that enable electronic devices and equipment to function safely and properly. If a single connector malfunctions, the whole device fails, and the entire electronic ecosystem in which this device is integrated collapses. Hence the importance of choosing ultra-reliable connectivity solutions capable of meeting the quality and performance requirements of any operational environment.


Rugged connectors are specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions, but there is no one-size-fits-all type of rugged connector. Each type of connectivity solution has unique qualities and features that make it suitable for use in specific application environments. This makes selecting rugged connectors particularly challenging. Defining the right specifications for your device’s connecting needs from the outset will help ensure that it works in even the most extreme environments.

Full article by Sébastien Kempter in Connector Supplier’s ‘2021 High-Reliability, Harsh-Environment Connectivity’ eBook (pp. 21-26), “Seven FAQs About Designing Devices and Ecosystems for Reliability and Durability in Extreme Environments”:


  1. What exactly do we mean by rugged?
  2. Why opt for rugged connectors?
  3. What are the key technical requirements for rugged connectors?
  4. Which sealing criteria are most relevant?
  5. Which international standards are relevant?
  6. Which tests should be conducted?
  7. Where to obtain expert advice and customized solutions?


The article includes three application examples:


  • Hermetic and High-Voltage Connectors for SteriLux’s Sterilization System
  • Hermetic, Shielded Connectivity Solutions for Precision and Reliability at CERN
  • Sealed, Versatile Fiber Optic Solutions for Optimal Fata Management in the America’s Cup


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