Fischer KEYSTONE™ data & power hub

Easy connectivity and efficient data and power management for soldier-worn digital equipment.

Empower your mission with the Fischer KEYSTONE™ Series :

Where tactical USB hubs revolutionize how warfighters operate.

Our solution includes 6 and 4-port tactical hubs, a power management app and a portfolio of standard and customizable cable assemblies.

Key features

Fischer KEYSTONE™ helps soldiers connect their digital equipment and make better decisions.


Swiss-engineered for MIL-spec digital connectivity with Fischer Connectors’ world-renowned technologies in ruggedness, sealing, miniaturization and data transmission.


  • Manages power (100 W – 5 A max) and data (USB 2.0 and SMBus)
  • Meets MIL-STD 810 and 461
  • Secure firmware
  • ATAK plug-in
  • USB-C bidirectional power delivery
  • Connects to all Nett Warrior/NATO STANAG 4695 and 4851 standard components
  • Simple operation with no training required
  • No maintenance or repair parts
  • Competitive multiport tactical hub
  • Manages all digital equipment for most soldiers

Electrical and data architecture


Optimized power management for unfailing power supply


Power management is critical to infantry operations. Dismounted soldiers rely on a complex digital system that requires high levels of energy. Efficient management of power supply, distribution and sourcing is therefore key.


Fischer KEYSTONE™ has been specifically designed to reduce the physical, cognitive and logistic burden faced by soldiers who need to stay focused on their mission without carrying multiple batteries or constantly worrying that devices are correctly powered and charged throughout the duration of the mission.


The Fischer KEYSTONE™ multiport hub and cable assembly solutions enable soldiers to power their devices through a central battery, optimizing resource management for lighter combat gear.


With the SMBus technology, the Fischer KEYSTONE™ hub monitors battery state of charge and operating time, while the user manages the system’s energy flow on the EUD power management app. The individual PANs’ energy consumption can be independently monitored and controlled for better efficiency.



Nett Warrior compatible connectors


Compatible with components and standards such as Nett Warrior, NATO STANAG 4695, 4851 and GOSSRA, the Fischer UltiMate™ 80 connector has been engineered to offer ultra-rugged, lightweight and IP68-sealed connectivity solutions.

Features comparison

Fischer KEYSTONE™ 4 Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6
PAN ports 2 3
Batt ports 1 2
Power 100 W total (5 A under 20 V DC)
Data protocol USB 2.0 USB 2.0 and SMBus 1.0/1.1 on Power port (BATT and RADIO/BATT)
EUD Power Delivery (PD) Built in up to 1.5 A Built in, bidirectional up to 1.5 A (powered by EUD when no external battery connected)
Software power management app* Not applicable (all ports always active when hub is powered) • Standalone Android app • ATAK plug-in
Weight 125 g (4.2 oz) 241 g (8.5 oz)
MOLLE mounting Removable (clip) Built-in (open slot)
Sealing IP68 -2m / 24h

*Software power management app is not mandatory to operate Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6. By default, all ports are active once hub is powered.

Fischer KEYSTONE™ 4


Empower your mission : Reliable power distribution, seamless connectivity, and high adaptability for every operational challenge. 

  • 4-port power and data hub
  • MIL-SPEC design
  • IP68 2m/24h sealing
  • Very compact and lightweight (125 g / 4.2 oz)
  • Nett Warrior compatible

The Fischer KEYSTONE™ 4 tactical USB hub delivers robust performance without requiring external software for operation. It efficiently distributes power while seamlessly transferring data from tactical devices, adapting to diverse operational needs. Featuring NATO STANAG compatible connectors, it ensures seamless integration into existing systems.


The Fischer KEYSTONE™ 4 effectively reduces emissions and detection risks, meeting rigorous MIL-SPEC standards. Featuring minimal thermal and EMI/EMC signatures, alongside optimized circuitry and a fully shielded enclosure, it guarantees operational discretion in the most challenging environments.


The Fischer KEYSTONE™ 4 enhances situational awareness for warfighters and contributes to overall operational efficiency within the BMS framework.

Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6


Empower your mission : Advanced power management, seamless data transmission, and high performance for the modern warfighter.

  • 6-port power and data hub
  • MIL-SPEC design
  • IP68 2m/24h sealing 
  • 100 W power / USB 2.0
  • Embedded ATAK plug-in
  • Nett Warrior compatible

The Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6 solves power distribution problems with its versatile compatibility, supporting a wide range of standard batteries. It provides comprehensive battery monitoring capabilities via the SMBus protocol, allowing users to track state of charge, voltage, and current for efficient operational planning. Hot-swap battery functionality ensures power source switching without downtime for connected devices.


The Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6 ensures solid power management and protection for all connected devices, with controls accessible through an Android power management application, seamlessly integrated into ATAK. Each port can be individually controlled, enhancing operational flexibility.


Featuring robust security measures, including AES256 encryption and FIPS 140-2/3 capability, the Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6 ensures data integrity. Its compact and durable design, IP68-sealed, withstands harsh environments while maintaining lightweight portability. MOLLE mounts integrated into the chassis enhance deployment versatility.


The Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6 minimizes emissions and detection risks, meeting stringent U.S. Army specifications for the Next Generation Hub (NGH). With low thermal and EMI/EMC signatures, efficient circuitry design, and fully shielded enclosure, it ensures operational stealth and reliability in the most demanding operational environments.

Software application

  • All-in-one use through Android power management app with seamless ATAK integration
  • Independent port power and data management
  • Security through only booting signed software – SHA256 checksum and ECC256 signature
  • AES 256 encryption and FIPS 140-2/3 compliance
  • API interface for specific software development and integration

The Fischer KEYSTONE™ system software has been designed to provide an easy-to-use all-in-one application to manage the power and data flows of all worn devices, enhancing the situational awareness and efficiency of soldiers at every level of their mission in the field.


The Android power management application delivered by the Fischer KEYSTONE™ software comes as a standalone app and/or as a plug-in seamlessly integrated within the industry standard ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit), the leading battlefield awareness software application known to dismounted soldiers, Fischer Connectors’ customers and Soldier Modernization programs.


The app or plug-in serves as a single, centralized PAN management application with an easy-to-read GUI on the soldier EUD – smartphone or tablet. It allows soldiers to quickly and easily monitor battery charge and system status, independently control power and data for each port of the Fischer KEYSTONE™ hub, and manage the power and data flows of all interconnected peripherals and devices – without switching between different apps or leaving the ATAK environment. This reduces the risk of distraction, and soldiers stay focused on their mission.

Accessories & options


All-in-one to ensure mission focus.

Standard cable assemblies and connectors


The Fischer KEYSTONE™ solution offers various cable assemblies that can be customized upon request.


  • General purpose and power cables
  • Radio cables
  • EUD cables
  • Device cables


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Product news

Fischer KEYSTONE™ delivers easy connectivity and efficient power management for soldier-worn digital equipment


Fischer Connectors showcases new soldier connectivity as key design enabler to address the revolution in military affairs

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