Mobile application for Fischer KEYSTONE™

The FISCHER KEYSTONE™ 6 is equipped with a power management application for optimum performance, enhancing situational awareness and soldiers’ efficiency during their mission in the field.


The software for Fischer KEYSTONE™ either comes as a standalone app OR as a plug-in seamlessly integrated within ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit).

Fischer KEYSTONE™ Standalone Power Management App

The KEYSTONE 6 tactical HUB can be driven using an application through an Android End-User Device (EUD). The KEYSTONE Power Management App provides quick and easy battery monitoring, system status, and individual port power control.



  • Management of a wide range of batteries incl. smart battery with SMBus protocol
  • Dual battery hot-swap functionality
  • Alerts sent to the EUD if critical battery thresholds are crossed
  • Precise control of peripheral power supplies, enabling both VBATT and 5V DC to be enabled and disabled
  • Intuitive power bar display
  • Real-time self-diagnosis to ensure proper mission completion

The Fischer KEYSTONE™ Power Management App is available on Google Playstore.


Find your version of the ATAK plug-in

All the essential features of the KEYSTONE Power Management application have been transferred to ATAK through a plug-in and provides the same quality of use: Individual port control, power monitoring, battery management with hot swap capability.

ATAK 4.8.1
Plug-in Documentation
ATAK 4.7.0
Plug-in Documentation

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