Fischer Connectors Portugal: we are hiring

Fischer Connectors is hiring in Portugal. For the new plant that the Swiss-based company is building in the region of Amarante near Porto, the HR recruitment team is looking for professionals to fill several functions that will be operational in November 2022. Positions are currently open in Fischer Connectors Portugal’s General Administration, Production, Supply Chain … Continued

From connectors to connectivity: the Fischer family has created the technology group Conextivity

The Fischer family founded Conextivity® Group to meet the connectivity challenge posed by the emergence of new cross-functional and scalable ecosystems, from locally interconnected devices and sensors to cloud-managed IoT platforms. With nearly 600 people worldwide, four R&D centers and six manufacturing sites, the Swiss-headquartered technology group serves as a single-source partner across the entire … Continued

First stone laying ceremony, Sept. 6, 2021: The Fischer Connectors Group expands its global imprint in establishing a new production site and subsidiary in Portugal

The Fischer Connectors Group organized a first stone laying ceremony on September 6, 2021, to officially launch the construction of its new production site and subsidiary in Portugal. The Fischer Connectors Group (*) is starting the construction of a new production facility at Paúl de Cima in the parish of Aboadela, Sanche e Várzea, in … Continued

Cautious optimism as our supply chain holds up well

Dear valued customers,   As you’re aware, we’re now well into the second wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Switzerland as in many other countries around the world. Fischer Connectors continues to monitor the situation on a daily basis and assess its potentially adverse impact on our supply chain and operations. We’re relieved to … Continued

Maintaining our valued customer service thanks to our suppliers

Dear suppliers,   We’ve all been in the same boat over the last few months – trying to keep ourselves, our families and teams safe and healthy, while maintaining our manufacturing operations and serving our customers effectively. At Fischer Connectors we’d like to give you our heartfelt thanks for standing by us throughout this time … Continued

Safety at work during pandemic times

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Fischer Connectors has taken anti-propagation measures to protect the health and guarantee the safety of our staff in their workplace, in line with the guidelines of our national health authorities and of the World Health Organization.   In our Group, this has changed the way we’ve all been … Continued

Supplying essential components for mission-critical devices

Dear valued customers,   Fischer Connectors' collaborators warmly thank you for attesting how essential our products are in your supply and production chains. The letters you have sent us over the past few weeks allow our business to be officially categorized as an essential supplier of components for medical device manufacturing and other industries. This … Continued

Deliveries may be delayed in some countries

Dear valued customers,   Fischer Connectors' COVID-19 Task Force, which continuously assesses the state of its supply chain and operations, has noticed the growing impact of the anti-propagation health measures taken in some countries on the logistics of international deliveries.   There may be delays in the delivery of the products that you have ordered … Continued