Conextivity Group’s Board of Directors: Peter Fischer hands over presidency to his daughter Sabrina Brossard

June 27, 2023 · 6 min read

Sabrina Brossard is the new President of the Board of Directors of Conextivity Group, based in Saint-Prex (Vaud), Switzerland. She succeeded her father Peter Fischer, President since 1999, on June 1. With Jonathan Brossard as CEO since 2016, the third generation of the Fischer founding family thus takes the reins of the Group whose two business activities, Fischer Connectors and Wearin’, are growing rapidly.

On June 1, at the last board meeting with Peter Fischer as President, Sabrina Brossard recalled the history of the family business, whose international expansion was initiated by her father in the 1980s.

Together with Jonathan Brossard, she paid tribute to the ‘architect-builder’ that her father proved to be at the helm of the company that owes its worldwide renown to him, enabling the third family generation to evolve it into a global technology group.


Peter Fischer said he was delighted to be able to pass on the baton “at the right time”, expressing “his full confidence in Sabrina and Jonathan, whose innovative ideas and ambitious entrepreneurial vision he praises”. Now an Honorary Member of the Board of Directors, he is “looking forward to following the Group’s future developments as it continues to grow”.

The Conextivity Group is enjoying steady double-digit annual growth, has doubled its order intake in seven years and its R&D staff in five. The Group employs nearly 700 people in 11 subsidiaries, including a new Fischer Connectors plant in Portugal that will be operational by the end of 2023. In recent years, Fischer Connectors has expanded its scope of activity to cover the entire connectivity value chain, adding electronic solutions to its historical portfolio of connectors and cable assemblies. Wearin’, the startup co-founded by Sabrina and Jonathan Brossard, is currently implementing its Internet of Things solution for intervention professionals with leading international partners. In addition to her new role as President, Sabrina Brossard will retain her managerial and operational functions in Wearin’ marketing.

Sabrina and Jonathan Brossard intend to continue the legacy of Peter Fischer, saluting his tireless commitment to the service of the company and its customers. “We are proud to begin this third generational chapter with such momentum,” the new President of the Board and the CEO of Conextivity Group recently told a Swiss media outlet. “Following the commercial and operational expansion initiated by Peter Fischer, we are fully aware of the sense of responsibility that falls to our generation, especially as we know that the type of connectivity we provide to our customers, precisely because it is both robust and innovative, is of vital importance in the functioning of our hyper-connected world.”

The family business was founded in 1954 by Sabrina Brossard’s grandfather, Walter Werner Fischer. An expert engineer in vacuum technology, he developed the world’s first hermetic connector, launching a company recognized by design engineers worldwide for its products and solutions for high-performance connectivity in extreme environments.

This generational transition takes place just a few months before the family group celebrates its 70th anniversary.

“I’m leaving the company with a sense of accomplishment: of having been able to hand over at the right time to Sabrina and a management team in whom I have every confidence. Sabrina has all the qualities needed to successfully carry out her key mission in a team where rigor, creativity and innovation are the order of the day. She knows our environment and markets inside out, and vigorously supports the strategic vision that Jonathan and his management team are implementing in line with our family business values.


The innovative ideas they and their teams at Fischer Connectors and Wearin’ are bringing to the table are extremely promising, and I look forward to following the future developments of our fine company. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest thanks to everyone in our Group. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to work with such fine people over the years. I wish them, as well as their partners and customers, all the best for the continuation of their exciting projects.”


Peter Fischer

President (Sept. 1999 – May 2023) and Honorary Member (as of June 2023) of the Board of Directors, Conextivity Group

“I would like to thank my father, the Board of Directors and Management for their confidence. I’m looking forward to continuing our team’s work in the spirit of harmony and respect that has always prevailed in our family, thanks to my father. I am particularly grateful to him for having prepared me so well to take on such a responsibility. I intend to live up to the challenges our Group has set itself, and to the vision we want to implement in line with the values that have underpinned our entrepreneurial spirit since the very beginning. These values are all the more important as all our actions are aimed at ensuring the long-term future of our company, by always looking to anticipate market needs and respond to them at the right time. Supporting a clear, ambitious vision that takes us a long way is what makes us strong.”


Sabrina Brossard

President of the Board of Directors, Conextivity Group | Co-founder and Marketing Leader, Wearin’

“I’d like to thank my father-in-law Peter Fischer for being one of the key architects of Fischer Connectors. Few people demonstrate such an entrepreneurial dimension, while at the same time having the humility, pragmatism and the generosity through trust that characterize him.


Through my frequent contact with him, and the trust he placed in me by giving me the reins of the company in 2016 when I was just 28, I’ve had the chance to build on my personal strengths and draw inspiration from his keen business acumen to define the strategy that is now ours. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude and will continue to dedicate myself to perpetuating his legacy in the years to come.

Sabrina’s appointment as President of our Board of Directors is part of this same approach. We can be proud of our heritage, our present and our future, and we would like to thank all Conextivity Group employees, without whom nothing would be possible, as well as the partners and customers of Fischer Connectors and Wearin’ for their trust.”


Jonathan Brossard

CEO, Conextivity Group

The entrepreneurial timeline of the Fischer founding family in four photos: inventor Walter Werner Fischer, builder Peter Fischer, visionary Jonathan Brossard, and the 3rd generation for continuity and future innovations, Sabrina and Jonathan Brossard.

The entrepreneurial timeline of the Fischer founding family in four photos: inventor Walter Werner Fischer, builder Peter Fischer, visionary Jonathan Brossard, and the 3rd generation for continuity and future innovations, Sabrina and Jonathan Brossard.

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