Unmanned aerial vehicles

Durable connectivity where space and weight matter

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) continues to increase across harsh-environment sectors. High-performance and robust connectivity is instrumental to the safe and reliable execution of the challenging tasks conducted by drones in severe conditions, while ensuring the protection of the environment and people.

Designed for secure connections and long-term reliability, our compact, lightweight and sealed solutions meet the UAV industry’s varied requirements, including operating temperatures from -55 °C to +135 °C and high shock and vibration resistance.


Our products range from high-density hybrid connectors combining signal and power for fast data transfer, to miniaturized electronic solutions including rugged flash drives and visible and thermal cameras.


Requirements & challenges

High-speed and secure data transmission
  • Multi-protocol data management (USB, Ethernet, standard audio/video protocol)
  • Secure mating with ultra-robust locking systems
  • Signal integrity and data reliability with excellent 360° EMC shielding
  • Corrosion resistance up to 1,000 hours of salt mist 
  • Protection from dust and water ingress with IP68/69 sealing
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • High temperature and chemical resistance
Space and weight constraints
  • Ultra-miniature solutions with increased pin density and reduced diameters
  • Lightweight materials and small-footprint designs saving 45% space and 75% weight
  • Size, weight and power (SWaP) optimization with efficient packaging factors and compact, low-profile solutions

Typical applications


Multi-functional civil and military UAVs

Hexadrone SAS, a French company specializing in the mechatronic development of solutions for civil and military drones, equips its multi-functional, modular UAV Tundra with a Fischer UltiMate™ USB 2.0 connector that is waterproof, reliable in all conditions. The drone’s interface accomodates external modules linked by Fischer MiniMax™ connectors and cabling allowing for the high-density miniaturization of on-board electronics.


LiDAR solutions for UAVs

For its LiDAR ‘Mapper’, YellowScan has chosen the Fischer MiniMax™ Series to meet specific requirements in terms of light weight, small footprint, rugged material, high pin density, EMI/RFI protection and impedance. The Mapper, which can be quickly mounted on any UAV, uses three MiniMax connectors: 4 pins for the external power port, 24 pins (RJ45 and Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter, UART) for the LiveStation port, and 19 pins (USB and General Purpose Input/Output, GPIO) for the optional camera port.

Our solutions

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