Unity in diversity

October 7, 2020 · 1 min read

In the September issue of the ‘International Design Engineer’ magazine (www.engineerlive.com), Jérôme Dabonneville, CTO at Fischer Connectors, shares his insights on the growing demands on connectivity solutions for robotic applications – which are extremely diverse.


Regardless of the specific application, the goal is to make the components for robotic and automation solutions as durable, resilient and robust as possible.

Whether the robot is permanently installed in a production hall or moves around autonomously outdoors, in the air or underwater, an interface should always function for at least as long as the device in which it is installed. This is particularly true for systems that are used in harsh and/or hazardous environments.


Martin Wimmers, Managing Director of Fischer Connectors Germany, and Earl Kneessi, Head of Engineering at Fischer Connectors North & South America, also report on their customers’ needs for rugged and miniature connectivity solutions, SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) optimization, flexibility and versatility, as well as on the challenges of communications.

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