Smaller and smarter: new single fiber optic connectivity solution

March 27, 2016 · 1 min read

ischer Connectors has just launched its new single fiber optic connector (FO1) within its Fischer FiberOptic Series.


Fischer Connectors expands its robust FiberOptic Series with a new single fiber optic connectivity solution (FO1). This miniature, lightweight, rugged connectivity solution is easy to use and ensures premium optical performance even in harsh environments.


The FO1 connector is available either in pre-configured reels or integrated into custom assemblies for applications in instrumentation, sensing, defense and broadcasting – to name only a few of the various fields for which this new product is ideally suited.

The new connector fulfills the growing market need for higher data transmission rates over long distances, while reducing space and guaranteeing performance by means of rugged miniature solutions.


It integrates fully into the existing Fischer FiberOptic Series, well-known for its robust and faultless optical performances in any conditions, combined with easy use, cleaning and maintenance even in the field.

The FO1 connector has been tested to withstand extreme temperature variations.

FO1 key features

  • IP68 mated & IP67 unmated
  • UPC & SM APC polishing
  • Easy cleaning even in the field
  • Fully integrated into the existing Fischer FiberOptic Series
  • High optical performances for high precision and data transmission rates
  • Ultra-rugged fiber optic solution, ideal for harsh/extreme environments
  • Easy mating thanks to push-pull locking system
  • Size: 13 mm


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