Connectivity for Soldier Modernization at DSEI

September 16, 2021 · 5 min read

Fischer Connectors products are designed to meet standards for worldwide soldier modernization programs (Stands H2-912 and H2-916 at DSEI).


Fischer Connectors’ rugged products and solutions are designed for demanding soldier modernization programs. The latest offerings showcased at DSEI 2021 support:


  • High-speed data transmission (multi-protocol – USB 3.2 Gen 1 and Gen 2 up to 10 Gbit/s, Ethernet up to 10 Gbit/s, HDMI 1.4 and Single Pair Ethernet);
  • Data storage (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 rugged flash drives up to 256 GB);
  • High density, sealing and resistance to severe operating and environmental conditions (IP68 / IP69 sealing and hermeticity, resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, chemicals and corrosion).


Fischer Connectors’ electrical, optical and electronic solutions fulfill engineering and technical requirements of the latest soldier modernization programs for sensors, tactical radios, sighting and fire control equipment, and digital systems.


Better connections for better decisions

Fischer Connectors’ product portfolio provides a versatile technology platform for military OEM integrators and application design engineers to optimize soldier productivity at every step of the decision cycle: observing, orienting, deciding and acting (OODA).

  Challenges Connectivity solutions
OBSERVE Integrate multi-source sensors for real time data capture Easy connections for multiple soldier-worn devices via Fischer Freedom™, Fischer UltiMate™ and Fischer MiniMax™ connectors
ORIENT Present data in soldier-useable formats for fast analysis Tactical hubs pass / transmit / relay data and power between EUD (end-user device) and other body-worn devices
DECIDE Connect soldiers, units and leaders reliably across the chain of command Data and power connectors and cable assemblies deliver reliable connections in harsh environments
ACT Move and communicate with confidence 360° connectivity and direct routing of cables minimize snag hazards, reduce weight and enhance mobility

New products and solutions range from connectors and cable assemblies with rugged designs, sealing and hermeticity for lightweight and space-constrained applications, covert/overt electronic solutions encompassing a wide range of protocol/IP, and Ethernet/USB devices including switches and routers.

Fischer Connectors’ full offering will be showcased on their largest DSEI stand to date, divided into two areas (H2-912 and H2-916). One area is dedicated to the main MIL-SPEC connectors and cable assembly solutions along with embedded electronic solutions tailored to the specific demands of soldier modernization programs.

The other area is dedicated to LIVE demos of electronic solutions designed for covert and overt operations, such as the Rapid Deploy Camera Pole (RDCP) System and custom connectivity solutions optimizing the usability, multifunctionality and human-to-human interoperability of embedded electronic devices and wearables used in harsh environments, such as those using the connected wearable technology developed by Wearin’, Fischer Connectors’ new spinoff.

New products being showcased include:

The ultra-rugged Fischer UltiMate™ Series extended with two new field-ready solutions with unparalleled ruggedness and functionality – Intermateable with other NATO STANAG 4695 connectors and compliant with both MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-202, the field-ready Fischer UltiMate™ 80 connector is exceptionally rugged by any market standards and provides environmental and mechanical performance and endurance that outperform by far other suppliers’ similar quick-release connectors:

high resistance to corrosion (500h salt mist), up to 10,000 mating cycles for the plug / 5,000 for the receptacle, random vibration 7.7 Grms, shock resistance (100 G), cable bending resistance (+/-45° for 5000 cycles), temperature (-55 °C to +135 °C), IP68 sealing 2m/24h even unmated.


The Fischer UltiMate™ 80 connector comes as a pre-cabled plug, and a pre-cabled and/or panel receptacle. As for the new UltiMate connector in size 15, it meets special power and high-speed data requirements for further design and technology developments with various contact layouts (up to 27 signal and power contacts). Fischer UltiMate™ connectors have a resin-sealed contact block that offers extreme sealing (up to IP68 / IP69 even unmated, gastight, CBRN decontamination), high shock and vibration resistance, as well as superior cable resistance in terms of traction.

MiniMax circular connectors from Fischer Connectors

The ultra-dense Fischer MiniMax™ Series with a specific design for rugged miniaturization, high-speed AWG24 Ethernet data transfer and enhanced IP68 sealing down to 20m/24h – With multiple combinations of signal and power contacts in a high-density body, the MiniMax connector is ultra-compact, light and easy to use in several applications where weight and space are paramount, such as miniature body-worn computers to replace multiple standard input/output connectors and achieve full compliance with demanding USB 3.0 data protocols, and high-performance cameras to ensure a rugged, sealed interface and reliable data transmission from the camera to the recording unit.

The plug-and-go Fischer Freedom™ Series with 360º mating freedom specially engineered to optimize cable and power management and enable wearable-technology supported ecosystems – The panel plug can be directly integrated into the housing of wearables such as sensors, bodycams, LEDs, IR beacons, flash drives, etc. These wearables can quickly be mated to the ready-to-use cabled receptacle with the new Quick Detach System fitted into the fabric of a garment.

Freedom Series circular connectors from Fischer Connectors

Single Pair Ethernet solutions with speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s featured by the Fischer Freedom™, Fischer UltiMate™ and Fischer MiniMax™ product lines – Combined with Fischer Connectors’ ultra-rugged and sealed products, these solutions with expanded data transmission performance are ideal for mission-critical unmanned aerial / ground / underwater vehicles (UAV, UGV, UUV) and their networking onboard controllers, sensors, and actuators, optimizing size and weight, maximizing the drones’ autonomy range, and enabling seamless connectivity between all interconnected devices and base control.

The Rapid Deploy Camera Pole (RDCP) System developed in conjunction with a UK Police Unit specialist to enhance tactical capabilities for dynamic situations – Thermal or Visible Low-Light Cameras are connected quickly and securely to a lightweight carbon fiber pole via the multiple award-winning Fischer LP360™ connector enabling the RDCP System to be used in numerous operational applications such as searching lofts / confined spaces for offender(s), search and rescue, dynamic tactics in armed environments, and other covert surveillance tasks. Software capabilities include live streaming for real-time situational awareness for command teams. The system is now in operational service with a number of Police Forces and Government agencies and expanding into international territories.

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