A true story about perseverance

August 26, 2020 · 1 min read

SolarStratos’s recent successes – including the two world premieres on August 25, 2020 – are the result of its project team’s perseverance. This is the number one quality of true explorers, who combine the ability to assess and take risks with a strong tolerance for failure.


Innovation has many facets.

Exploitation is a kind of innovation that usually emerges from an organization’s existing assets of the organization. It is focused mainly on enhancement and efficiency.

Exploration is another type of innovation. It requires that an organization leave its comfort zone and venture into unfamiliar territories.


Today organizations must be able to handle both exploitation and exploration in parallel. They have to become “ambidextrous organizations”, as recently highlighted by Charles O’Reilly and Michael Tushman in their book entitled Lead and Disrupt: How to Solve the Innovator’s Dilemma.


Exploration requires a bold vision coupled with a special mindset and specific skills.


Among these skills, we can mention the ability to assess and take risks, as well as a strong tolerance for failure. The combination of both lead to the no. 1 quality of explorers: perseverance.


As mentioned by the famous entrepreneur Seth Godin, anyone who says failure is not an option has already ruled out innovation.


The SolarStratos team is made up of true explorers. And their story is a true story about perseverance.



>>SolarStratos’ story about perseverance so far has lasted exactly two years –  from the moment its wing was damaged during a stress test conducted on land in July 2018, to the resumed flights of July 2020: read the logbook from July  6, 2018 (Technical Damage to the SolarStratos Aircraft) to July 23, 2020 (Resuming Flights), and view this video (with messages in French):


Fischer Connectors is an official partner of SolarStratos.

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