World Bee Day: an action that makes sense

May 20, 2019 · 1 min read

World Bee Day on May 20: Fischer Connectors plays its part at local level


Last April, Fischer Connectors, at the initiative of two of its employees, installed five beehives on its site next to its world headquarters in Saint-Prex (Switzerland). This action, albeit modest on a global scale, is part of Fischer Connectors’ commitment to protecting the environment and conserving the region’s biodiversity – a biodiversity to which bees contribute greatly through their tireless pollination work.


On the occasion of World Bee Day on May 20, Fischer Connectors reminds us that longevity and sustainability are values that form an integral part of its corporate culture. Mindful of its activities’ impact on the planet and its inhabitants, the multinational has already taken several “green” actions at its Saint-Prex headquarters to protect the environment, save energy and support renewable energies, in particular by systematically recycling PET and paper, and installing a cooling loop in its machining workshops as well as solar panels on the roof of its manufacturing site.


It should be noted that Fischer Connectors’ environmental responsibility is not limited to the regional level, as demonstrated by its partnership with SolarStratos and its commitment at the global level to promoting sustainable practices and protecting our planet for future generations.

The Fischer Connectors apiary with members of the Fischer Connectors management team and the two initiators of the project called “Bee Connected”, Arnaud Fongeallaz and Nathalie Girardin (front left). This project includes installing beehives, organizing a competition to design the label for honey pots, and visits to the apiary.

World Bee Day on May 20: Fischer Connectors plays its part at local level

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