New Trend Paper on emerging wearable applications

July 24, 2018 · 2 min read

Discover emerging trends in wearable technology in Fischer Connectors’ first Trend Paper


Fischer Connectors is reimagining connectivity for wearables that put people first and enhance their capabilities or experience. Its recently published Trend Paper explores what’s new in wearable technologies that improve people’s health and safety, convenience and performance in consumer and commercial applications – with connectivity playing a crucial role.

Trend Paper on emerging trends in wearable technology.


In this paper, you’ll find out how innovations in fields as diverse as connectivity, sensor technology, material and data sciences, robotics, and e-textiles are driving rapid advances in smart wearables in many sectors. You’ll hear about examples of innovative, purpose-built wearables in:


  • Healthcare (e.g. health monitoring devices)
  • Industrial & Civil Engineering (e.g. Personal Protective Equipment – PPE)
  • Defense & Security (e.g. tactical vests)
  • Robotics (e.g. exoskeletons)
  • Sport (e.g. smart clothing).

By way of introduction, Fischer Connectors’ CEO Jonathan Brossard explains why the company is partnering with researchers and customers worldwide to design the breakthrough connectivity solutions that will power the revolution in wearable technologies. Fischer Connectors’ goal is to help customers design wearable solutions that are seamlessly integrated, easy to use, and truly ease the burden on the end user.


Reimagining connectivity means accelerating the development of new technologies, opening up new opportunities for your customers, and breaking into exciting new markets. One example of how to turn customers’ ambitions into solutions is the Fischer Freedom™ Series. This breakthrough plug & use connectivity technology gives design engineers more flexibility to design for their specific markets.


The Fischer LP360™ – just launched as the first product in this series – sets a new standard in usability. It offers:


  • A low profile – making designers’ lives easier, by being easy to integrate into wearable and portable applications OR on a panel when space is limited
  • 360° mating – making end users’ lives easier, with mating freedom resulting in optimized cable management.
  • Full cleanability – making the surface contacts of both the plug and receptacle easy to clean

The LP360™ can, for example, power an “intelligent” vest, which works as a hub with multiple portable and body-worn devices connected to a shared data and power bus.


An “intelligent” vest, enabled by the Fischer Freedom™ Series.


Whatever your sector, application, or mission, Fischer Connectors’ complete connectivity solutions maximize the usability, efficiency, and performance of your portable and body-worn devices.

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