New General Catalog Makes Product Selection Easy

September 11, 2015 · 1 min read

We’ve streamlined our product lines to help you choose the best connector for the job at hand.


Take a look at our new General Catalog – we hope you like it!


Choosing the right connector to meet safety, regulatory, budgetary constraints as well as reliability needs is a complex task. We’ve been exploring ways of making this task quicker, easier and more cost effective for our customers. Following an in-depth marketing review of our extensive product range, with more than 30,000 references, we’ve restructured and simplified our product lines.

We’ve grouped our products into four product lines with well-defined unique selling propositions to help customers compare features and benefits, and make informed decisions. The four lines are:


  • Fischer Core Series – Ideally suited to fulfill any need in terms of size, configuration and application, with over 20,000 references;
  • Fischer UltiMateTM Series – Best for rugged and compact applications when weight matters;
  • Fischer FiberOptic Series – A pre-cabled solution ideal for indoor, outdoor and extreme applications when performance and reliability are key.
  • Fischer MiniMaxTM Series – Perfectly suited for applications when density, signal & power, weight and size matter.


Each product line has its own new visual identity, with its own icon and color, which makes it easy to recognize and remember.


To communicate the four product families, we’ve just published a new General Catalog, which features our corporate values, a connector overview, and our cable assembly capabilities and services. The Catalog is a handy tool to help you explore options and find the best solution for your specific challenges.


“For 60 years, we’ve been designing new products to meet our customers’ rapidly changing needs in a wide range of applications. It’s inevitable that this evolution has added layers of complexity to the product selection process. The customer experience is very important to us and we constantly look for ways to enrich that experience:  we feel the time has come to simplify our offering. With the new General Catalog, we’ve signposted the pathways and destinations so customers can navigate straight to the information they need. The new visuals help you stay on track and select the best options quickly and easily”, says Roberto Magnifico, VP Sales & Marketing at Fischer Connectors.

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