“Everyone in robotics is still focused on SWaP”

April 21, 2020 · 1 min read

David Ptacek, National Sales Director of Fischer Connectors USA, in ConnectorSupplier’s article of April 21, 2020, entitled “The Robots Are Coming”: “Everyone in robotics is still focused on SWaP: size, weight, and power. The priorities come from the military robotics projects, but are also important in medical and industrial robots. While smaller in both size and weight, each connectivity solution has to do more: carry more power and more and faster data. Reducing size and weight is important in all robotics, and especially true with aerial drones.

The smaller the drone, the more the weight of a connector matters. Larger military or search and rescue drones will use larger connectors, but they have to work doubly hard, often sending both power and signal in one connector.” Ptacek says that connector suppliers are designing connectors that provide full functionality in reduced package sizes. “Depending on the application, designers can switch to a lightweight aluminum connector to shave off ounces, or fractions of ounces, if it becomes important. Design engineers are also looking for low-profile connectors to keep sleek designs and save space.”

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