Brief in 3 steps for the new decade’s innovations

April 28, 2020 · 2 min read

In businesses such as Fischer Connectors, which provide essential components to the functioning of our connected world’s electronic devices, equipment and ecosystems, innovation performs action and calls to action. An action that is set to co-create with our customer a reliable solution fulfilling one or several of this customer’s specific needs and requirements.


So, in view of launching the major product developments that our R&D teams have engineered with and for our customers in 2020 and beyond – teasing! –, we wanted to present our “innovation manifesto” as a brief for the vision we are realizing with our customers and partners: reimagining connectivity, together.

Step 1 – The vision, mission and values


Step 2 – The definition


Step 3 – The manifesto


We solve the technology equation.

We map the technologies that may be of interest to us.

We find the very best specialists in their field.

We build the right partnerships.

We involve our customers and partners in our development process.

We co-create.

We deliver outcomes that demonstrate the feasibility of new connectivity solutions.

We experiment and learn.

We get to real applications fast with suitable prototyping tools and partners.

We make conscious tradeoffs.

We dispatch our work to the field, collect feedback and improve.


We use suitable methods & tools.

We empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test – Design Thinking.

We imagine new value propositions – Value Proposition Canvas.

We transform constraints into opportunities – A Beautiful Constraint.


We connect with people and discover real problems worth solving.

We obtain insights from users.

We listen to our customers.

We don’t assume; we go and see for ourselves.

We ask tons of questions.


We develop and promote the innovation mindset.

We don’t distinguish between hard and soft skills – they’re all skills.

We challenge the status quo.

We’re not afraid of failing.

We believe that almost everything is possible.


We know we’re not alone.

We belong to a community of innovators from diverse horizons.

We share our experiences and grow together.

We nurture our people’s talents and ideas through our participative innovation program.

We organize internal challenges to overcome specific, important hurdles.


We believe creativity generates value.

We create Intellectual Property (IP).

We respect others’ IP.

We understand the value of our IP and leverage it.

We believe that continuously reinventing ourselves is the key to staying unique.

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