8 videos: Fischer Freedom™ is rugged – tested and proven

October 17, 2019 · 1 min read

The multiple award-winning Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector in metal is innovative AND reliable: it has undergone stringent and thorough testing and qualification.


Fischer Connectors’ solutions are recognized worldwide for their ruggedness and durability. For the first time, we show through eight short videos some of the mechanical and environmental tests that our products undergo to prove their compliance with the highest reliability and quality standards. These homemade videos simply describe the testing processes conducted in our laboratory, as well as two demonstrations given “in the field”.

The videos include six standard tests conducted on the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector (the first product in the Fischer Freedom™ Series) in the testing laboratory of Fischer Connectors’ headquarters in Saint-Prex, Switzerland. In two field applications, we also show how the connector behaves in water and how easily its plug and receptacle can be cleaned.


View the following eight “test & proof” videos in English – separately or in a single video:


  1. Endurance test
    • 10,000 mating operations / 5,000 full rotations


  1. Bending (flexing) test
    • 5,000 oscillations


  1. Random vibration test
    • 9.26 Grms overall acceleration


  1. Immersion test
    • IP68 sealed – 2 bars (equivalent to 20m) for 24 hours


  1. IP68 degree of protection – field application
    • Perfectly functional under water – immersion in a fish tank


  1. Field cleaning – field application
    • Fully cleanable plug & receptacle


  1. Corrosion resistance test
    • Salt fog 1,000 hours / 5% salt solution, 35 °C


  1. High & low temperature test
    • -55 °C to +135 °C (connectors only)


As a reminder, the Fischer LP360™ has undergone stringent and thorough testing according to international industry and military standards such as IEC, EIA, MIL-STD-202 and MIL-STD-810. Only a selection thereof is shown here.

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