2020 Technology Innovators Awards: Platinum for Wearin’s connected vest feat. Fischer LP360™

October 1, 2020 · 1 min read

The defense and aerospace electronics industry recognizes Wearin’s technological innovation with an award.


On September 8, Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace announced their 2020 Technology Innovators Awards, giving Wearin’s connected vest the highest rating: Platinum.

On their website, the jury describes the awarded “Connected Vest from Wearin’ [as] a centralized integrated connectivity system for the infantry warfighter with an integrated distributed data and power bus that can eliminate the need for several batteries, external wires, and break-out cables that can weigh soldiers down and limit their movements. The vest offers optimized power management through the single central power source; enhanced usability through optimized cable management; and convenience from the integrated data and power bus for easy cleaning and replacement, as well as for technological upgrades when more advanced components become available.”

Wearin’s connected vest uses several Fischer LP360™ connectors and active devices to enhance usability, optimize power and cable management, and facilitate maintenance. As a reminder, the same Platinum Innovators award was given in November 2018 to the Fischer LP360™ connector from the Fischer Freedom™ Series. In over half a year, the connector won four awards.


About Wearin’: Wearin’ designs and develops wearable connectivity solutions that maximize the safety and performance of connected humans. Through its worldwide network of specialized partners in connectivity, data, gear, user adoption and human factors engineering & technology, Wearin’ acts as a catalyst breaking product silos to co-create holistic wearable solutions for professional communities operating in demanding, and data-rich, environments such as defense & security, construction, industry, aerospace, extreme sports and healthcare. As part of the Fischer Connectors Group, Wearin’ combines the agility of a start-up with the expertise of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rugged connectivity solutions for harsh environments.


About the Technology Innovators Awards program: Through this annual program, Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace recognizes companies in the aerospace and defense electronics industry for technological innovations that solve defense and aerospace electronics design challenges with real solutions.

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