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October 1, 2015 · 3 Lesezeit

Extreme reliability remains the key criterion when selecting connectors.


September was a busy month for our expert teams manning our stands at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, and the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) in London. Extreme reliability remains the key criterion when selecting connectors for use in harsh environments to save lives or transmit crucial content worldwide. And we see a strong trend of growing demand for new products that are smaller, lighter, faster and smarter, for integration into hand-held and body-worn devices, unmanned vehicles like drones, and autonomous devices like robots.

IBC 2015: innovating to transform broadcasters’ performance & experience


The IBC, held in Amsterdam from 11-15 September, was a huge success – attracting a record-breaking 55,000+ attendees from all over the world!

Great interest was shown in our newly launched FiberOptic connectors, pre-configured reels, and daisy chaining and loopback accessories aimed at broadcast applications.

Our goal was improving broadcasters’ experience, and making fiber optic deployment and transmission testing in the field as easy as child’s play. We succeeded! Broadcasters welcomed our FiberOptic turnkey solution that simplifies broadcasting teams’ lives. What they especially liked about it was:


  • Convenient integration of high-performance pre-cabled connectors and pre-configured reels;
  • Rapid fiber optic deployment over long distances (daisy chaining);
  • Easy transmission testing in the field (loopback);
  • High optical stability and efficient signal transmission;
  • Ease of use, cleaning and maintenance.


IBC provided a unique opportunity to share experiences with our customers and partners, advising them on how to enhance broadcasters’ performance and experience in diverse applications. Event highlights included:


  • High interest in our live demos of innovative products, like the Fougerolle CamiFlex solution featuring our FiberOptic Hybrid connectors (two fibers and two electric contacts) – broadcasters appreciated the way they save space, time and money;
  • Confirmation that ease of use, high reliability and fast data transmission are key for broadcasters and system integrators worldwide when choosing a connectivity solution;
  • Lots of positive feedback on our eye-catching stand redesign, intriguing holographic showcase, and new intuitive General Catalog.


We thank all our visitors and look forward to seeing them in Amsterdam next year.

DSEI 2015: innovating to build defense & security contractors’ success stories


DSEI is the world’s biggest military show. Held in London from 15-18 September, this year’s event attracted more than 30,000 visitors from all over the world keen on discovering what’s new in military and security technologies. The key challenge is how to protect soldiers and support staff, while making them more agile, effective and connected.

The buzz was all around innovation, especially miniaturization, ultra-resistance and fiber optics. Amongst the products we showcased at DSEI were:


  • Fischer MiniMax™ Series, perfectly suited for applications when high density, signal & power, and size matter;
  • Fischer UltiMate™ Series, best for tough applications when weight matters;
  • Fischer FiberOptic Series, ideal for high-quality optical performance and efficient large data transfer indoors and outdoors;
  • Fischer Rugged Flash Drive, made for securing data on the go.


These high performance, very reliable and leading-edge connectors reduce load and power requirements in defense & security applications, and they can easily be combined with the versatile Fischer Core Series line and cable assembly solutions that are well known and relied upon by military forces worldwide.

Event highlights included:


  • Confirmation that customers highly value our expertise in helping them make devices smaller, lighter, more wearable, tougher, safer and smarter – plus easier to use, clean and maintain in harsh environments
  • Great interest in our demos of innovative products integrating our connectors for multiprotocol interfacing – the ‪RODA rugged notebook made more robust and better adapted to harsh environments thanks to the Fischer UltiMate™ Series, and the ‪DTECH rugged miniature computer made smaller and lighter for true wearability thanks to the Fischer MiniMax™ Series
  • Discovering the amazing variety of defense & security applications integrating our products showcased by our customers, e.g. computers, cameras, night vision systems, robots, target designators & locators, UAVs.


Our expert team enjoyed exploring new opportunities with defense contractors and OEMs. Most weren’t looking just for a connector but rather for solutions to high-stakes connectivity challenges. Partnering with them to turn these complex connectivity challenges into success stories is what thrills us.

We thank all our participants and look forward to seeing them at the next DSEI in 2017.

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