Expanding our range of small, light and smart defense & security products

September 15, 2015 · 2 Lesezeit

At the DSEI exhibition in London from 15-18 September, we are demonstrating the new Quick Release 24 pin socket version of the Fischer MiniMax™ Series.


These high-density miniature connectors are showcased among other innovative defense & security solutions aimed at making soldiers’ equipment smaller, lighter and smarter.


Miniaturization, ultra-resistance, and fiber optics are growing trends in military and security technology.

Equipment manufacturers worldwide face the growing challenge of how to protect soldiers and support staff, while making them more agile, effective and connected. At the DSEI (Stand S4-120), visitors can discover our latest connectivity solutions that reduce soldiers’ fighting load and power requirements, yet improve their protection, effectiveness, and environmental and situational awareness.


The Fischer MiniMax™ Series connectors are perfectly suited for applications when density, signal & power, and size matter. Ideal for hand-held or body-worn applications, they’re also suitable for unmanned land- and air-based vehicles, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) products. Their unique combination of power and signal contacts enables multiple cables to be replaced with only one. This increases functionality in smaller devices, and lowers the total cost of ownership. With this product range extension, MiniMax is now available as a standalone connector, or as a complete pre-cabled solution, in both in 19 and 24 pin socket configurations. The 24 pin configuration has 4 power and 20 signal contacts. Within the signal contacts, there is the option of two advanced contacts for USB power connections. There is also a choice of three latching systems: push-pull, screw lock and the brand new quick release.


“It’s exciting to reach the next level of miniaturization, making the Fischer MiniMax™ Series even easier to use. We’ve just added the last missing piece of the puzzle with the new quick release version. The MiniMax 24 QR connectors can be plugged and unplugged quickly and easily, even with one hand or wearing gloves, which is essential when you need to move fast”, says Wim Vanheertum, MiniMax Product Manager at Fischer Connectors.


Other products demonstrated at DSEI included:


  • The Fischer UltiMateTM Series, best for tough applications when weight matters.
  • The Fischer FiberOptic Series, ideal for large transfer of data in harsh environments.
  • The Fischer Rugged Flash Drive, handy for securing data on the go.


Fischer Connectors’ new specialized defense & security products are manufactured under the most stringent quality conditions and tested to strict IEC standards, comparable to MIL-Specs, and complete the versatile Fischer Core Series line and cable assembly solutions. Well-known and relied upon by military forces worldwide, the Core Series has a proven track record of high performance in harsh environments.

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