Trendpaper: drei Elektronik-Trends der Zukunft

Im Zuge der Digitalisierung werden immer größere Datenmengen benötigt. Gleichzeitig ist allerdings die Versorgung mit elektronischen Komponenten ins Stocken geraten. Deshalb werden neue Möglichkeiten benötigt, um die Interoperabilität von Systemen sowie leistungsstarke und verlässliche Datenübertragung zu fördern. Welche gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen Trends sind eine genauere Betrachtung wert?   Der Bedarf an elektronischen Technologien und die … Continued

Conference: YellowScan announces the addition of Fischer Connectors as one of its sponsors for LiDAR for Drone 2022

YellowScan, a global leader and designer of next generation manned and unmanned LiDAR solutions, announces the addition of Fischer Connectors to its list of sponsors for YellowScan’s Global Community conference LiDAR for Drone 2022 (June 13-14, Montpellier, France).   Fischer Connectors has been one of YellowScan’s legacy connectivity partners, dating back to the first LiDAR … Continued

“Design-driven innovation”: focused on making sense of things

In his book entitled “Design-Driven Innovation: Changing the Rules of Competition by Radically Innovating What Things Mean” published by Harvard Business Press in 2009, Roberto Verganti introduces the concept of ‘radical innovation of meaning’ and puts it in perspective with the more traditional ‘technological innovation’. This type of innovation that focuses on making sense of … Continued

Fischer Connectors showcases new soldier connectivity as key design enabler to address the revolution in military affairs

“The new revolution is driven by a confluence of three digital technologies: ubiquitous full-spectrum sensing, 5G networks, and artificial intelligence”   “Army Transformation is facing a revolution in military affairs, and Fischer Connectors is transforming products and services to address the Army’s needs,” said Jonathan Brossard, CEO of the Switzerland-based Fischer Connectors Group at the … Continued

Trend Paper: ‘The connectivity challenge – a new revolution in military affairs’

A new “revolution in military affairs” is driving land force transformations worldwide. Like the precision guidance revolution of the 1970’s, today’s digital revolution demands new ways of thinking, equipping and operating modern armies.   In the 1970’s, Army General Donn Starry saw the precision guidance revolution take shape in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Surveying the outcome … Continued

White Paper ‘Cable Assembly Solutions’ for informed design decision-making

Fischer Connectors’ expertise and know-how in designing high-performance cable assembly solutions for all types of industry, and especially for harsh-environment applications, are well known. David Cianciolo, Senior Project Manager at Fischer Connectors USA, explains in a new White Paper the benefits of cable assembly solutions and what engineers need to consider when working on their … Continued

Connectivity by design enables versatile innovations

In ConnectorSupplier’s ‘2020 Interconnect Innovations eBook’, Fischer Connectors’ Head of Product Design Hassan Fadli shares in-depth engineering insights on the connectivity-by-design approach. Connectivity by design enables innovation by removing integration and cable management roadblocks for OEM design engineers and enhancing usability for end users. Four application success stories showcase the efficacy of the connectivity-by-design approach … Continued

Expanding our skills for something new to emerge

Innovation in its essence requires something new to emerge.   There is a before and an after.   Change happens.   And change requires tension.   A positive way to instill tension within the organization is to bring new skills and different ways of thinking and seeing the world.   That’s what we do when … Continued

A true story about perseverance

SolarStratos’s recent successes – including the two world premieres on August 25, 2020 – are the result of its project team’s perseverance. This is the number one quality of true explorers, who combine the ability to assess and take risks with a strong tolerance for failure.   Innovation has many facets. Exploitation is a kind … Continued