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“Everyone I’ve met at Fischer Connectors has been a perfect hire”

September 28, 2023 · 1 Lesezeit

Fischer Connectors hired Mabel Espinal in May 2022 as a Field Marketing Specialist. Born in Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, she attended Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.


Prior to joining the Fischer Connectors family, she worked in various financial roles in both large and small companies. A bold career move in 2018 introduced her to field marketing, FinTech providing the perfect transition from finance to marketing.


What is your background, and why did you decide to join Fischer Connectors? What first drew you to this position and this industry?

My background is in finance. I graduated with a marketing degree but my internships were always in finance, so once I finished school I pursued that outlet for a number of years. I enjoyed the work, learned a lot and made lifelong friends but I knew long-term finance was not for me. When I decided to make the leap and change careers I was scared because a lot of time had passed since I graduated, but honestly it’s been the best career decision I’ve made, and I haven’t looked back since. Field marketing has been the perfect balance of everything I’ve wanted workwise. What first drew me to Fischer Connectors was the team, everyone I had interviewed with I liked and respected. I liked the little I knew about the company at the time and I had a good feeling about the people and the role. I also knew Fischer Connectors had high quality products, so I could already envision the campaigns in my head.


What inspires you and/or what causes are you passionate about?
Being challenged inspires me, I enjoy learning new things and I’m not shy about asking questions, whether it’s work related or everyday conversations when I meet someone new. I have a lot of experience in finance and accounting, and while I’m out of my comfort zone with connectivity I’m intrigued that there’s so many layers to this company and this job. I like that there’s so much to learn with the various products, solutions and innovation happening here, it’s rewarding and never dull.


I’m passionate about reducing my carbon footprint, I reuse and recycle daily and I’m always trying to find new ways to do more. I’m slowly working on living completely plastic free, especially when it’s come to single use plastics. I have a long way to go, but every purchase and decision counts so I’m very mindful of that. I love to travel, I’m on a flight every 4-6 weeks whether for work or leisure, I have friends and family all around the world and I’m looking forward to my dream trip next month to Thailand, I can’t wait!


What’s the most interesting project you worked on while at Fischer Connectors?
That’s a tough question, I’ve hit the ground running since I started with the company and I’ve worked on so many projects in the short time I’ve been here. If I had to decide on just one, I would say the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting tradeshow, it’s one of the biggest tradeshows Fischer Connectors participates in and my first tradeshow with the company. There’s a lot to do – planning, logistics – and more than anything I need to stay organized, there is no detail is too small. Finance tradeshows are very different, and after organizing the AUSA show last October I quickly realized what a huge fan I am of the defense industry. The eye-catchers alone are so amazing, I’m still not over the excitement of being inside an Osprey (the Bell Boeing V-22 military aircraft), I don’t think I will ever live that down. I felt like a kid in a candy store surrounded by all the drones, trucks, tanks and helicopters. Finance tradeshows aren’t as exciting. Apart from that, AUSA was a successful show for the company – the most important element, it solidified my role for the team and with that more projects.


What principles do you live by?
Be of service to others whenever you can. I’m always mindful of the people around me, so I’m always going to offer my help to friends, family and strangers. I like being useful, I simply can’t be a guest in someone’s home and just take a seat. From the moment I walk through the door I’m washing dishes, playing with the kids, organizing, etc., whatever is needed to help alleviate the stress for friends and family. It’s something my mom instilled in me throughout my life, she would do anything for her family and friends, and she always made things look so easy.


Tell us about your team.
I honestly couldn’t ask for a better team. When I was first hired (and I still believe it to be true today) I thought everyone I had met was a perfect hire for their position, whether it was the sales, marketing, engineering or management team – I’m in awe of their talent and expertise.


What would you like to accomplish in the next year/near future within this position/company?
I would like to gain some more product knowledge to do my job better. Our products and solutions are so broad yet niche, so becoming technically proficient is my goal. In the effort of learning more, I would like to be more versatile with this job and continue planning the tradeshows throughout the world, I planned a couple of tradeshows in the APAC region and I look forward to planning more and expanding my reach globally. It’s interesting to plan a tradeshow in another country and manage a whole new set of factors at play, those tiny tweaks needed to accommodate local markets is intriguing to me.


What are some of your favorite hobbies and what is an interesting fact about you? (What’s something the average person wouldn’t know about you?)
I love live performances, whether it is a concert, dance, musical or play, I love it all. I’m an avid theater goer, I’ve seen over 150 Broadway shows (on/off Broadway) and living in one of the best cities in the world so there’s always something to see. I love to read, I mostly read historical fiction, non-fiction and novels. As I previously mentioned I love to travel so trying new cuisines, going to the museums, talking to strangers and immersing myself in local events bring me so much joy when I’m on vacation.


What was the most valuable lesson you learned from your education, career, life, family, etc.?
Do what you love and love what you do. Create your own path and figure out what makes you happy, this is important for every aspect of your life. Whether you’ve just graduated or you’re 15-20 years in your career, it’s never too late to make changes to better yourself and your situation, that goes for personal relationships, career and education. Only you have the power to do that. Also, kindness goes a long way so work through those tough conversations and don’t let pride get in the way.


How would you describe your career (5 words or less)?
Ever changing, adventurous, creative and fun. I’m definitely in my element with field marketing. I would say the last 5+ years have been a full-on learning experience and yet it’s been so much fun as well. Things change every day for me in this role, and all the planning in the world can change in an instant when you’re at a tradeshow – dealing with different vendors, personalities and logistics beyond your control, but honestly I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. I’m grateful for the challenges because it helps me be that much more prepared. If I had pursued marketing upon graduation I would’ve definitely chased the wrong dream, at the time I loved advertising but my finance experience is what has prepped me for this role and field marketing has been the right balance for me – I love the variety the role provides.


What makes you unique in your profession and what are the best skills you bring to your career?
The best skills I bring to this job are personable, reliability and organization – elements that are all necessary in my field of work. Juggling various vendors, meeting current/potential clients, interacting with managers and colleagues, I enjoy it – everybody is important, their stories and opinions matter to me. It would be impossible to do my job well if I wasn’t organized, and no detail is too small. I run work scenarios in my head all the time, I try to anticipate every problem so I can be ready and reactive when things arise.


I’m unique I go above and beyond for my team and I stand by my work. Whatever needs to be done will get done, I’m willing to go the extra mile to help my team succeed. I may not be an expert in connectivity but I know how to make a connection, which is the core of sales and marketing.


If you could give your younger self or someone starting in this industry career advice, what would it be?
Take the leap and don’t be afraid to try something new. I was very comfortable in the finance industry, I’d taken finance and accounting courses since high school, but I was very unhappy career wise because I had no drive. The people and companies I worked for were great, and the stock market is very intriguing, but I wasn’t excited about the work I was doing. I think a lot of what kept me in the industry were the lifelong relationships I made. I had so many uncertainties when I was thinking of changing careers, unfortunately turning to my mom for career advice didn’t help as she couldn’t comprehend leaving a good, secure job. Coming from the Dominican Republic it’s not what you did, the luxury to do something you love wasn’t afforded to her unfortunately. So yes, I think the teachable point is sometimes you have to make yourself uncomfortable in order to fine true happiness. Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned, you’re still learn something about yourself so it’s not a total waste, and at least now you don’t have to live life wondering ‘what if’ or carry any regrets.


What do you think is the key to professional success?
The key to professional success is communication and adaptability. Life isn’t always going to work out perfectly, but the key is what happens next. True success is challenge yourself, dreaming big and being a team player. No one person can do it all, hire your team of experts and trust the people you hired.


What’s your favorite quote?
You live, you learn – Alanis Morissette.

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