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Guy Lacroix’s video tour of world headquarters – also featuring Edwige Avignon

August 20, 2020 · 2 Lesezeit

After the three-month lockdown of his country due to the coronavirus pandemic, Fischer Connectors France’s Managing Director Guy Lacroix crossed the French-Swiss border on June 18, 2020, to return to Fischer Connectors’ world headquarters located in Saint-Prex, Switzerland.


Guy Lacroix’s film crew shot three videos on this occasion to guide us in the Fischer Connectors Group’s main production unit and R&D Center.


“Fischer Connectors is deeply involved in markets such as the defense, nuclear and medical sectors,” says Guy Lacroix, “as we’ve seen during the Covid-19 crisis, since our industry is considered essential and has continued to operate throughout this period.”


His visit was also a way for him to thank, on behalf of all our international managers, our staff for their active participation in continuing to serve our customers worldwide during these demanding times. Guy Lacroix on teamwork: “It’s very important – it’s the Fischer Connectors spirit. That’s what I understand by Fischer Connectors – a human adventure.”


Project Manager R&D Edwige Avignon was also interviewed while she was working on a client project with her multidisciplinary team.



Guy Lacroix: “We’re here at the head office, the main production unit – since we have other production units spread all over the world at our subsidiaries – and at the same time the R&D center involved in thinking up products and designing them in line with customer specifications.”

Edwige Avignon: “R&D works closely with all our subsidiaries and customers. When the product catalogue doesn’t fully meet a customer’s needs, we do our very best to find innovative solutions that fit the customer’s requirements perfectly.”

Guy Lacroix: “Quality matters on a daily basis, whether it be machining, development or surface treatments – for example, 10,000 mating cycles, surface treatments of 1,000 hours in salt. This means very high-quality products. In the medical field, our connectors are sterilizable; in the military field, you can entrust our solutions to people involved in extremely tough operations. This is really our trademark and everything comes from here, because at some point, there’s a designer who’s drawn and a laboratory technician who’s tested.”

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