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Sopha Suth: A decade of engineering, happily delivering innovative assemblies

August 14, 2020 · 2 Lesezeit

Sopha Suth has been designing cable assemblies for Fischer Connectors North & South America for ten years, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “The small group setting, the team I work with, they are the best group I’ve been a part of, if you ask me.”

Sopha worked with an international company before he came to Fischer Connectors, and says that his background in working with people in other countries helped him when he started working with colleagues in Switzerland from his Atlanta, GA office. One of the best skills he developed: listening and collaboration. “It’s so easy to get stuck on your own point of view, but I’ve learned that listening, looking for that new perspective and collaborating makes the work easier.”


What inspires Sopha? “It goes back to the people. We are all people here trying to get a job done and have fun while doing it. We work for the customer. Everything we do is custom, one-of-a-kind, and we get to create new and complex cable assemblies that improve our customers’ products. It’s exciting to see what the customer wants and come up with a great design that fits. The team members help each other out when workloads get out of hand, and we’ve helped each other at home, too. If I don’t have a tool for that home repair job, I know someone else will help me out and lend me theirs. That’s the type of team I’m a part of. We help each other in and out of the office.”

Sopha Suth, Sr. Engineer, Fischer Connectors, Inc., USA
Sopha Suth, Sr. Engineer, Fischer Connectors, Inc., USA

The engineering group in the US takes care of customers by designing cable assemblies and connectivity solutions. They work on sourcing cable and parts needed to get the customers’ custom assemblies perfect. He says he and the whole engineering team likes to get customer feedback on how the assemblies are used. “Our work affects the people who use our assemblies. We love to know how they are used, and how they can save lives. The amount of detail we put into it. The workmanship. It pays off when we know about the people who use it and the people who benefit from that use.”

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