Fischer Connectors awarded for innovation in miniaturization & data storage by Automation Inside

décembre 22, 2016 · 1 durée de lecture (min)

MiniMax 06 and Rugged Flash Drive 3.0 win Automation Inside Awards 2016


The readers of Automation Inside, a global portal dedicated to the automation industry, selected two of our new products as their 2016 best choice awards: the ultra-miniature high-density Minimax 06 as « Best Electrical Product 2016 », and the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive USB 3.0 as « Best Data Logger/Analyzer/Storage 2016 ».


The Automation Inside Awards were organized during the last quarter of 2016: 38 automation companies and 42 automation products and solutions were nominated, and the Readers’ Choices 2016 were made out of hundreds of votes from 52 countries.

“We’re proud that these two new products launched this year have been duly rewarded by professionals in the automation industry for bringing breakthrough innovations in connectivity miniaturization and in the safety of data storage & transportation respectively,” said Wim Vanheertum, Product Manager at Fischer Connectors. “With the new smaller connector Minimax 06 [link], we keep driving the evolution towards combined signal and power as a way of making electronics lighter and smaller. As for the new Fischer Rugged Flash Drive, it meets the growing demand for USB 3.0 due to the increasing need for higher data transfer rates.”


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