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General Manager

“What motivates me and matters to me the most is generating a positive impact”

Our sales team in Switzerland and beyond

Much more than sales people

Career forum

Forum EPFL: inspire and be inspired by our people


A must-read for entre/intrapreneurs: “In the Arena”, co-authored by Jean-Marie Buchilly

IEEE’s highest professional grade

Mohammad Azadifar joins the elite rank of IEEE Senior Members

Women in engineering

Women in Engineering: special issue of ‘Design World’ features Aemah Badri


Engineers at R&D: meet Marine Bouduban and Romain Paridant de Cauwere

France-Switzerland collaboration

Guy Lacroix’s video tour of world headquarters – also featuring Edwige Avignon

Custom cable assemblies, USA

Sopha Suth: A decade of engineering, happily delivering innovative assemblies