Versatility by design: for all customer needs and applications

March 13, 2020 · 2 Lesezeit

The Fischer FreedomTM Series is more than a connector product line: it is a technology platform which sets new standards in usability, integration capability and versatility. It opens up new design engineering dimensions in medical, defense, industrial, instrumentation applications, as well as in portable & wearable devices and electronic ecosystems:

Size 14 (7 signal & power contacts): cabled receptacle (1) and panel plug (2); active devices: USB 2.0 adaptor (3), LED (4), Rugged Flash Drive (5). Size 08 (4 signal & power contacts) in plastic (high-end composite based on PEEK) with cabled plug (6) and panel receptacle (7); in metal with panel receptacle (8) and panel plug (9).

The Fischer FreedomTM Series includes the following Fischer LP360TM products

They are easy to integrate (by design engineers) and easy to use and clean (by end users):


  • No key code, 360° mating freedom
  • Fully cleanable on both plug and receptacle, IP68 -20m/24h (metal version), IP67 mated and unmated (plastic version)
  • Low profile, 4 to 7 signal & power contacts

Ideal for optimized cable management (thanks to 360° mating, shorter cables always go in a straight line, so no more twists and turns!) OR cable-free connectivity solutions with direct panel plug integration into the housing of devices such as LEDs, USB adaptors, cameras, radio and communication systems, sensors, etc. in smart clothing and Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable ecosystems.


Fischer Connectors’ innovative and durable solutions are ideal for applications requiring faultless precision and high performance. In order to reach the highest reliability and quality standards, our connectors go through a battery of mechanical and environmental tests. See the videos of the tests and proofs that have been conducted in our laboratory and in the field on the Fischer LP360TM 7-contact connector.

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