Going greener with solar energy, in Switzerland and beyond

November 28, 2017 · 1 Lesezeit

New solar-powered roof helps reduce Fischer Connectors’ environmental footprint


We all share responsibility for protecting the environment for future generations – and that includes companies.


As part of Fischer Connectors’ efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and advance renewable energy sources, we’ve installed a solar-powered roof on our building in Saint-Prex, Switzerland. The project is the latest of several initiatives to move towards green energy, both within our operations and through our external partnerships.


The solar-powered roof will convert 7% of our Swiss operations’ electrical consumption into green energy. Covering a surface of 985 m2, the system is to produce 163’500 kWh of renewable energy per year. Between the solar roof and a recently installed process cooling system, our Swiss headquarters will reduce its traditional energy consumption by 15%.

“As a consumer of resources, we have a responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment,” explains Daris Schiagno, Quality, Safety & Environmental Director, Fischer Connectors. “Even small efforts can make a big difference — every bit counts.”

Fischer Connectors’ efforts to protect the environment go far beyond our operations. In fact, by partnering with SolarStratos to send the first manned solar plane to the stratosphere, we’re taking our passion for renewable energy to the edge of space. As a partner, our expertise and customized connectivity solutions will help accelerate the future of solar-powered transport.


By reducing our non-renewable energy consumption and supporting projects that promote green energy, Fischer Connectors is doing its part to advance sustainable practices and reduce emissions — helping protect the Earth for generations to come.


Learn more about our commitment to protecting people, products and the planet, and our efforts as an industry leader in corporate responsibility.

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