Fischer Connectors contributes to award for customer Fougerolle

November 20, 2014 · 1 Lesezeit

The Fischer FiberOptic Series Hybrid proves again to be a very successful connector.


Customer Fougerolle integrated this connecting solution in its CamiFlex product and won the SATIS & Mediakwest trophy in the category Production and Broadcast in France. After receiving two awards in the USA in August this year, the hybrid connecting solution of two fibers and two electrical contacts proved to be successful again.

Fougerolle has been a customer of Fischer Connectors for some years now. The CamiFlex is one of several products in which the Fischer FiberOptic Series is included. For this product, Fougerolle opted for the hybrid version. Fougerolle uses one single Fischer FiberOptic Series Hybrid connector and cable is used to transport the power, video and remote control signals between the camera and other equipment.


The Camiflex is fixed between the camera mount and camera. It is equipped to be compatible with most cameras in the market. Camiflex offers multiple data connections and adapts itself to the communication protocols of the major camera manufacturers.

SATIS, together with Mediakwest the organizer of the awards, is the leading broadcast exhibition for French speaking countries, taking place in Paris, France every November. The SATIS & Mediakwest awards acknowledge the most innovative products amongst the exhibitors of SATIS.

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