1st patent granted on Fischer Freedom™ Series

April 7, 2020 · 2 Lesezeit

The 1st patent on the Fischer Freedom™ Series was granted in the U.S.A. last February.


At the end of February, the first patent on the Fischer FreedomTM Series was granted in the United States of America. This is an important step in the patenting process, as the U.S. is a key market for Fischer Connectors.


The patent protects the global concept of the Fischer LP360TM connector, the first product in the Fischer FreedomTM Series launched in June 2018 and extended into a technology platform in September 2019 to enable further versatile innovations both in connectivity and application design.

The receptacle and plug of the Fischer LP360TM connector with 7 contacts, up to 3x 5A power and 4x 1A signal contacts. Contacts on the receptacles are concentric “tracks”, those on the plug are pins. Locking is performed thanks to special ogive-shaped elements positioned on the inner diameter of the plug body. (Illustration on the left: drawing from the patent)

By design, this low-profile connector offers new opportunities in terms of integration capability and cable management optimization, among other benefits for design engineers and integrators of electronic devices, equipment and ecosystems in various markets such as: defense, security, medical, industrial, civil engineering, wearables, etc.

The connector’s plug & use technology also benefits end users. Its unique combination of sealed, blind-mate and non-magnetic quick-release locking mechanism with pre-defined force allows for 360-degree mating freedom (no key code). And thanks to a unique sealing technique through a membrane, the plug is also IP68 sealed, making both plug and receptacle easy to clean, and protecting the whole connector from water, dust and sand.


Since its launch and within a single year, the Fischer LP360TM connector has won two “Best Product of the Year” awards in 2019, and two Innovation awards in 2018. The whole concept of its design is now protected by a patent in the U.S., and we expect more countries to follow soon. More patents on specific parts of this product are pending.


For this solution to meet reliability and quality standards even in harsh environments, Fischer Connectors’ R&D team had to be inventive during the entire development of the product – a product that serves as an enabler for future technological development. On the occasion of this 1st patent granting, we warmly congratulate and thank everybody in our expert teams who worked tirelessly on the development of this product in close collaboration with our customers.

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