10,000 mating cycles: creating the perfect connection… every time

juin 10, 2020 · 1 durée de lecture (min)

When selecting a connector, it’s important to consider the number of times a device will be connected and disconnected over its lifetime.


Failing to select a mating cycle rating sufficient for an application could result in a product that is unreliable, short-lived and more costly in the long run.


Fischer Connectors offer up to 10,000 mating cycles without any loss of reliability of users’ signals or power, reducing the risk of failure.

In addition to guaranteeing top quality performance and proven reliability for the life of the connector, our higher standard mating cycles can help reduce through-life costs and extend the potential life span of devices by 50% or more (compared to similar connectors from other manufacturers with fewer standard mating cycles).


When considering rugged connectors, 5,000+ mating cycles are the accepted standard. Our Fischer MiniMax™ Series and Fischer Freedom™ Series (plastic) connectors are tested for 5,000 mating cycles, our Fischer Core Series, Fischer UltiMate™ Series and Fischer Freedom™ Series (metal) connectors are tested for 10,000 mating cycles.


  • More information on our connectors’ mating cycle rating in Connectors Overview

The number of mating cycles isn’t the only consideration when it comes to selecting the right connectors for your applications, especially those for harsh environments.


Read our White Paper entitled “Rugged Connectors” on ten key considerations for connector selection. It covers topic such as sealing, sterilization, cable assemblies and all other necessary key features of rugged connectors.


Interested in this topic?
More details in our white paper « Rugged Connectors »

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